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3G GPS Tracking Device

The best and affordable 3G GPS Tracking Device

3G GPS Tracking Device

By In Blog On December 8, 2016

It is known to all that 3G GPS tracking device is at high cost because of its yearly sales and the limits in some countries that 3G internet is not popular not to mention the 3G SIM cost. In market, the normal 2G GPS tracker price will go upto 50 to 90 USD, though there are cheaper ones at 30 to 40 USD, take our UM210 GPS tracker for example. In order to reduce cost and promote sales, now UM210 supports 3G WCDMA internet as well. UM210 GPS tracker sells well in countries such as Kenya, Nigeria, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, UAE, Iran, UK, USA, Mexico, Peru, and Colombia, etc. 3G UM210 GPS tracker price ranges from 39.5 to 48.5 USD, the larger quantity the cheaper price.

What features does 3G UM210 GPS tracking device have?
1. Support Real time web tracking software
2. Support IOS/Android smart phone based tracking app
3. Support SMS command tracking
4. Over speed alarm
5. Geo-fence alarm
6. Shock alarm
7. Movement alarm
8. Low power alarm
9. Sleep mode to save power
10. Wide working voltage 9V to 75V
11. ACC detection
12. Built-in backup battery to last 10 hrs
13. Remote engine immobilize by connecting with relay
14. GSM Blind area data storage and send data automatically after GSM recovered.

3G GPS tracking device UM210 Packing
UM210 3G 1pcs
Wires 1 pcs
Relay 12V or 24V (optional)

3G GPS Tracker

3g gps tracking device

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