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Fuel Management System

Fuel Monitoring Device for trucks and generators

Best fuel management system

By In Blog On March 10, 2017

Fuel management system is meant to monitor fuel consumption, including fuel adding, leak and syphon, so as to save and optimize fuel related investment. By applying fuel management system on fleets and generators, massive fuel waste or steal behavior can be detected and reported on fuel management system software.
vehicle fuel monitoring

How to get fuel level and consumption data?

1 GPS tracker + Fuel sensor

Fuel sensor installed directly in the fuel tank is used to detect fuel level in tank and sends the data in format of analog voltage to GPS tracker, then GPS tracker sends the collected fuel voltage data to web tracking software, at last, web tracking software display the fuel amount after accurate calibration.

2 OBDII GPS Tracker

OBDII is short of On Board Diagnostics II, which is to standardize exhaust gas emission and detect vehicle faults, which is applied to vehicles manufactured after 1996 in America then later widely applied around the globe. Connected with the vehicle OBD port, OBDII GPS tracker can get detailed vehicle fuel consumption monitoring per trip (from the moment engines starts and engine stops), as well speed, mileage, coolant temperature, RPM, etc.

What fuel management device do you have?

1 GPS Fuel Tracker UT04 + Fuel sensor (Price 100+USD)
gps fuel tracker

GPS tracker UT04 is one of the most advanced gps tracking device with fuel consumption monitoring, image report, temperature alert and RFID control, which leads to the fact of high cost. GPS tracker UT04 supports calibration and web tracking system can handle unlimited calibration data, which can ensure the highest accuracy of fuel consumption monitoring and fuel amount in tank. Click to check UT04 vehicle fuel monitoring steps.

2 GPS Fuel Tracker UT02 + Fuel sensor (Price 60+USD)
fuel management system

Considering the fact that most clients only need monitor fuel consumption of trucks and generators, we design GPS fuel tracker UT02. GPS fuel tracker UT02 is a cost effective fuel monitoring device and it can be connected with fuel sensor so as to give fuel amount and fuel consumption report on web tracking software, as well as abnormal fuel usage alarm by SMS. Click here to check UT02a cheap fuel monitoring device.

For fuel monitoring system UT04 and UT02, user can choose to connect external fuel sensor or use vehicle own fuel sensor. Click here to check 3 types of fuel sensor.

3 OBDII GPS tracker UT06a (Price 48 USD)
obd gps tracker

No matter it is advanced gps tracker UT04a or good cost car tracker UT02, GPS tracker must be connected with fuel sensor, either external or vehicle own sensor. To clients without much knowledge about vehicle mechanism, installation is a problem. However, they can use OBDII GPS tracker UT06a-Plug and Play. Find the OBD port on vehicle under the wheel and then plug into it. Click to check the advantages of OBDII GPS Tracker.

4 3G/4G Vehicle Tracking DVR + Cameras (Price 150+USD)
3g gps video tracking

3G/4G vehicle tracking DVR uses 3G/4G internet for real time vehicle location tracking, video monitoring and recording, which can at most work with 4 cameras. By installation on vehicles, like fuel transportation tankers, fleet management center can have a clear view of the tanker status. Click to check Tanker Truck Fuel Monitoring.

Which fuel management system is best for me?

1 Trucks and Generators

Trucks and generators have regular tanks which makes it possible for fuel sensor installation. Considering the total investment and they have no OBD port, we advise GPS tracker UT02+Fuel sensor. If cost is not problem, then we advise GPS tracker UT04+fuel sensor for more accurate monitoring.

2 Cars

Cars have irregular tanks which makes it impossible or difficult to install fuel sensor, thought ultrasonic fuel sensor is possible. However, the installation is still very complex and it matters a lot about accuracy. In this case, we advise OBDII GPS tracker UT06a, which is easy to install.

3 Tankers

Fuel transportation tankers have large tank with several compartments, while normal GPS tracker + Fuel sensor fuel monitoring system can only monitor 1 compartment. In this case, the best solution is to use 3G/4G vehicle tracking DVR + Camera.

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