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Fuel Monitoring Device

Fuel Monitoring Device for trucks and generators

Fuel Monitoring Device

By In Blog On January 18, 2017

Vehicle and Generators Fuel Monitoring Device

Fuel consumption monitoring systems for vehicles and generators are in urgent need for fleet owners since fuel theft and siphon frequently occur, which leads to huge cost to the company since fuel is at the highest expense. Is there a fuel monitoring device for trucks, generators, cars and heavy equipment? The answer is YES and the fuel monitoring system can work everywhere in the world, like India, Mexico, Kenya, Nigeria, etc. if there is GSM coverage.

Already we have come up with an accurate vehicle fuel consumption monitoring system composed of : GPS Fuel Tracker UT04, Fuel monitoring sensor and GPS tracking software. However, the cost is at higher side compared to other normal gps tracking devices, as GPS tracker UT04 also supports features of remote image monitoring and driver identification for authorized drive. Is there a cheaper fuel monitoring device?

Fuel monitoring device at affordable cost

Here we suggest the upgraded fuel consumption monitoring device UM777. With fuel sensor included (length below 50CM), total cost could be 70$ only, with free real time web tracking software for 1 year. The order MOQ requirement is 200pcs and sample is available.

Fuel monitoring sensor

GPS fuel monitoring device UM777 support fuel probe and ultrasonic fuel monitoring sensor. To install fuel probe, you need drill a hole in the tank or use the oil filling port. To install ultrasonic fuel monitoring sensor, there is no need to drill hole. Just find a proper installation place and glue it then buckle it firmly. Car tank are irregular which makes drilling or installation of extra fuel sensor impossible. Trucks and generators are easier to install fuel sensor so as to monitor fuel.

Fuel monitoring device calibration

GPS fuel tracker UT02 is easier to calibrate with just 2 SMS commands when tank is empty and full. Due to the difference of fuel tank height and resistive fuel level sensor specifications, tracker need to set an appropriate zero value and full range value to detect the precise fuel percentage.

Zero calibration: Send “ oilzero+password “ to tracker when the fuel tank is empty , tracker will adjust zero and reply “ oilzero ok!” . The fuel check is 0%.

Full calibration: Send “oilfull+password “ to tracker when the fuel tank is full , then tracker will adjust the full range and reply “ oilfull ok! “ . The fuel check is 100%.

Tracker can connect to car original resistive fuel level sensor ranging from 0-500OHM. You can also connect add-on resistive fuel level sensor.

Fuel abnormal alarm

When the fuel consumption exceeds the normal standards during driving, or oil theft/leakage when the vehicle is stopped, the tracker will send “oil: xx% + Geo-info” to the authorized number at interval of 3 minutes. The horn beeps 20S.

Cancel fuel abnormal alarm: Send SMS command “ nooil+password” to tracker.

Fuel consumption status checking

SMS command: By sending SMS command “check123456”, you will receive as below

Power: ON/OFF

Battery: 100%

Oil: 100%




Door: OFF/ON

GSM Signal: 1-32

APN: cmnet


PORT: 9000

Real time fuel consumption monitoring on website

Users can login the gps tracking software to have a clear view of current fuel consumption status in percentage and volume, also fuel consumption report by day or week or month.
fuel monitoring device
fuel monitoring device
Fuel monitoring system for generators

Real time fuel consumption monitoring on Phone or APP

User s can also download  phone APP to monitor fuel details.
fuel monitoring device fuel monitoring device

Should vehicle fuel monitoring solution is needed either for car or trucks or generators, do not hesitate to contact us.

Fuel monitoring device report: Fuel Monitoring Report

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