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Fuel Tanker Lid Monitoring

Another soluton for fuel antitheft and alarm

Fuel Tanker Lid Monitoring

By In Blog On April 14, 2014

Clients ask: How to have a fuel tanker lid monitoring solution?
It is known to all that GPS tracker can be used to detect or control car door (open or close), as almost all vehicles have center lock system. GPRS tracker is used to control the center lock system so as to control vehicle door. Below connection diagram will give a clear idea.

Detect car door lock status via Digital Input: Locked or Unlocked
door detect

Control car door via Digital Output: Open or Close car door
door control

But what happens if the door has no center lock control? Like fuel tanker lid. Clearly the above solution will not work. Is there still a way to monitor fuel tanker lid and give alert? The answer is YES.

Before starting, let’s have a view of how SOS button works, which is going to be used in no-power driven lid.
SOS working theory

According to above diagram, SOS button is composed of 2 parts: Digital Input and GND

When SOS is pressed, Input and GND wire is connected. SOS alarm message is sent to web tracking center and preset SOS notification number. Back to fuel tanker lid open alert, the alert is activated when lid is open. How about we add a switch between Input and GND wire? The switch makes 2 wires separated when fuel tanker lid is closed, and makes 2 wires contacted when it is open. The attached is the switch in usage.


1.Find SOS and GND wire, connect the 2 wires to the switch.
connect 1

2.Install the switch on tanker body. When the tanker lid is closed, the switch is pressed to let SOS and GND wire contacted, then SOS alarm is activated.

The switch is composed of 2 parts: Red button and black part. When the fuel tanker lid is closed, red button is pressed. Then the black and white line is separated. Once the lid is opened, black and white line is connected, alarm will be sent to preset cell phone and online.

This is not only a solution to monitor no-power driven doors, like fuel tanker lid monitoring but also a solution for fuel monitoring and antitheft solution.

Below is the swticch details.


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