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GF07 GPS Tracker

GF07 GPS tracking device

GF07 GPS Tracker

By In Blog On March 3, 2021

gf07 gps

What is gps gf_07?

GPS gf_07 is short of gf07 gps tracker, which is a small size tracking device with built-in battery, magnet and voice listening sensor, claimed to have gps location tracking feature.

Is GF07 really a so called GPS locator or GPS tracking device?

Definitely the answer is BIG NO.

GF07 is just a LBS tracking device that locate itself by base stations, which means its accuracy is from 10M to 1000M, depending on the quantities of surrounded base towers. The more towers, the more accurate.

Why GF07 is not a GPS locator?

Its price decides it. A GPS tracker main components are GSM module, GPS module, GPS antenna, GSM antenna and battery, while GF07 gps tracker only has GSM module and battery. The cheapest GPS tracker in market with second hand module is at least above 8 USD (Our UM780 GPS tracker minimum cost is 9.9 USD), while GF07 in market is below 5 USD in bulk.

Is there GF07 gps tracker app and where to download it?

GF07 is already sold at low cost and no one will spend money and time to develop an APP for it. And GF07 does not have GPRS function, it supports only SMS transmission. The cost decides it.

Is GF07 a magnetic tracking device?

YES. It has 2 magnetics inside. However, the magnet power is so less that it will go loose any time before you find it gets lost.

GF07 gps locator features:

  1. Small size location tracking device
  2. Voice monitoring and recording
  3. Backup battery

GF07 GPS tracker SMS commands:

1.Binding Master Control Number

Editing SMS “000” with mobile phone and sending it to GF07 GPS tracker number, then replying to a short message from mobile phone: [Set: Binding + Master Control Number].

2.Separate audio recording

Editing SMS “555” and send to GF07 GPS tracker number, it will reply a text message on mobile phone later: [Snd: recording has begun].

3.Sound monitoring

Editing SMS “666” with the mobile phone and send it to GF07 GPS tracker number, and later return a short message: [DT: sound monitoring has been successfully set, and the alarm phone calls back]. When the sound around GF07 GPS tracker is greater than 40dB, GF07 GPS tracker will automatically call the preset mobile phone number.

4.GPS track

Using the mobile phone to edit short message “777” and send it to GF07 GPS tracker number. Later, it will reply a Chinese geographical position and Google Map link. When you click this link, the location map and text will appear, which will make the location

5.Sound around tracker inquiry

Dialing the number of the card in GF07 GPS tracker directly, and then you can hear the sound around GF07 GPS tracker in a few seconds.

Note: GF07 GPS tracker will not emit any sound and light in the inquiry.

6.Positioning trajectory

Using mobile phone to edit SMS “102” and send it to GF07 GPS tracker number.

7.Delete memory card content:

Editing SMS “445” with mobile phone and send it to alarm locator number, It will reply a message [ TF, clean up successfully, current capacity ].

8.Check GF07 Mini GPS tracker status:

Edit short message “888” to alarm locator number by mobile phone, and reply to a short message later: [All functions of host turn on or off battery capacity binding number, signal strength, boot frequency, GPRS TF card capacity, etc.].

9.Reboot and reset the GF07 Mini GPS tracker

Reboot: Edit the SMS “999” by mobile phone and send it to GF07 GPS tracker number, and wait for 1 minute to recover successfully.

GF07 GPS Specifications:

Model: GF-07

Function: Positioning GPS


Network standard: GSM/GPRS

GSM positioning time:

GSM frequency band: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz

Use with SIM card

Call time: 150-180 minutes

Expansion card: mini SD card

Accuracy of GPS positioning: 500 m


Polymer type

Size: 3.7 V, 400 mAh

Working voltage: 3.4-4.2V, DC16

Charge input: AC110-220V, 50/60 Hz

Charge output: DC 5.0 V, 300-500 mAh

Time of use: 4-6 days

Standby time: 12 days

Dimensions: 4.2 x 2 x 2.5 cm

Weight: 20g

GF07 magnetic gps tracker package:

1 x Mini GPS Tracker GF-07 Magnetic – GPS Locator

1 x Charging cable

1 x User Manual

How to install gf07 gps tracker?

Since it has magnet, just put it to the iron part of vehicle.

GF07 gps tracker reviews:

There is good and bad feedbacks on gps gf07. Have a look.

gf07 gps tracker review

Should I buy GF07?

If you do not want to spend more than 10 USD on a GPS tracking device, GF07 is good for you. It actually has big sales.

gf07 sales

TO conclude: we do not advise to buy GF07 GPS tracker, reasons:

  1. GF07 is not a GPS tracker.
  2. It does not have tracking APP.
  3. It does not give accurate location tracking.
  4. Its magnet and battery are both small.

If you need a small size GPS tracker with all above positive features, please check at our Super Mini GPS tracker B28.

Supported Features:

1 Strong magent

2 Remote voice monitoring and RECORDING

3 SOS alarm

4 GPS Location accurate tracking. Also works indoor by WIFI hotspot

5 Track by Web and APP

6 600mAh battery with 6 days smart woking time

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