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GPS Boat Tracking Device

UniGuard GPS tracker helps in boat tracking

GPS Boat Tracking Device

By In Blog On May 16, 2014

Boats are lost at every day and finding them is virtually impossible due to that sea is so large and boat is comparatively so small. A needle in a haystack is not a suitable analogy and even this age old axiom falls short of describing the odds accurately. Sea weather is also unpredictable and unruly and the tide can change at the drop of a hat. This is where Boat GPS tracking steps in-GPS boat tracking device. Be it an individual boat owner or a fleet manager, GPS boat tracking devices are virtually impossible to ignore.

1.Fast locating and tracking via SMS or fleet management tracking centre.

2.Plan, organize, reroute and chart routes with the help of your mouse, on an easily accessible, extremely user friendly interface.

3.Track and find a lost boat easily.

4.Prevent theft by setting up alarms and creating geo-fencing areas.

5.Add customized alarms for theft, anchor.

6.Receive constant information on engine condition, top seed, direction, and distance.

7.Label load contents as well to monitor delivery from loading to dock.

8. Extremely affordable GPS tracking devices which can easily installed on a single boat or an entire fleet.

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