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GPS Tracker Price of different devices

GPS Tracker Cost and Tracking Car at No Monthly Fee

By In Blog On December 28, 2016

What is the price of GPS tracker? Is there GPS tracker for car no monthly fee? What cost should be invested on your fleets for real time fleet tracking and management? It is a big problem to all companies with bulk fleets.

To most fleet companies, they are worried that they must pay fees of GPS trackers, Installation charge and monthly subscription cost as well. If a company has 100 vehicles, it will be a huge cost to include all charges. Why? As there are companies claiming that 100$ is cheap enough to buy a GPS tracker without mentioning monthly fees at least 10$, which is 120$ per year and 12,000$ every year! Is this cheap? No, it is the hell expensive! Below is the blog screenshot of GPS trackers price:
gps tracker price

If we Google “GPS tracker price”, we see these ads and you will know how many trackers you can buy with 100$. What you see is not what you see considering the value. Below are the detailed explanation and descriptions of these devices.
gps trackers price

1 Aware GPS Plug-in Car Tracker

gps tracking device cost

AWARE GPS tracker price

AwareGPS offers 2 types of GPS tracker for cars, one is plug and play OBD tracking device. From its description, we know it does not support features of diagnosis, it is just a basic tracking device. Both are sold at 49.99$ and there is a monthly subscription charge at 14.99$

2 MOTOsafety GPS tracker

gps tracker cost

Motosafety gps tracker costMOTOsafety also offers 2 models of GPS car tracker and it looks same like what offered by Aware GPS, while both are sold at 39.99$.

3 Linxup Car Tracking Device

gps trackers cost

Linxup gps trackers cost

Linxup offers 2 models car tracking device and it as well looks same like what offered by AwareGPS and Motosafety. Without contract that no real time tracking service is included, per unit is sold at 79.99$, with 1-Year contract that users choose to pay extra 22.99$*12, per unit price is 39.99$, with 2-Year contract that users to pay extra 22.99$*24, GPS tracker is given free.

4 Spy Tec GL300 GPS Personal tracker

gps personal tracker price

Spytecinc gps personal tracker price

Clearly SpyTec is a B2C resellers selling different GPS tracking devices. The market of B2C is mainly personal users that do not need after sale support. What sold is sold and no help. GL300 is a personal tracking device supplied by China supplier and 69.95$ is a high price compared to GPS tracker for people tracking. However GL300 is still hot in market since. The worst is that GL300 supplier does not offer web tracking service so users must pay to tracking software companies like Gurtam, GPSWOX, GPSTRACE and GETRACK etc, to realize real time tracking of kids and teenagers.

Conclusion about the 4 Googled Ads

The first 3 companies offer exactly same GPS tracking devices at different cost. Check carefully you may observe that AwareGPS and Linxup uses same website format. Either all of them are resellers or one of them is the original supplier. SpyTec is a B2C reseller and it is not wise to work with them for bulk fleets management since they cannot offer good enough aftersales support or customized service.

Here is a screenshot of a company GPSANDTRACK offering GPS tracker at no monthly fee. However, the unit price is 119$ and including 2 Years service. From the description, we know it is just a basic car tracking devices.

gps car tracker no monthly fee

gpsandtrack gps tracker no monthly fee

What we offer and what are the advantages of UniGuard GPS Tracking Devices?

1 Variety

We have a wide variety of GPS tracking devices: GPS car tracker, GPS personal tracker, GPS truck tracker, GPS moto tracker, GPS wrist watch tracker, GPS solar powered tracker, GPS container tracker, GPS tracker with 3 Years backup battery, and advanced GPS tracking software.

2 Quality

All our devices enough 24 months’ warranty and can extend to many more years as long a we are in long term business. If we sell at the price of 100$, we can guarantee our clients to use new GPS tracker every year for 2 years, not just 2 years’ service. (model UM210).

3 Price

Our price has a wide range from 20 USD to 80 USD. We assure the device quality and all our devices work at same web tracking software. You can master all your clients and fleets on same account. No need to open several browsers to track vehicles.

4 Free

Our web tracking software is free to use, so you can track car at no monthly charge. What is most important is the web tracking software is advanced with detailed reports, history playback, Geo-fences and Management. It also supports APP and phone browser version.

5 Profession

We have been in GPS tracking business over 7 years. Compared to companies above 10 years, we are young so we do our best to server our clients. Compared to companies under 5 years, we are more professional and can come up with more solutions.

6 Support

We know almost trackers supplied in China market and our web tracking software supports most of the devices. If not, we can integrate the GPS tracker protocol. We offer 27*7 support by Call and Email.

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