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4G OBDII GPS Tracker

GPS Tracker with Engine Diagnosis

4g obdii gps tracker

4G OBDII GPS Tracker

4G OBDII gps tracker is a combination of GPS tracker and On board diagnosis device.

As for 4G GSM module, it has 2 options: LET and Cat M1/NB2. Cat M1 is supported in more than 40 countries like US, Canada, Brazil, Thailand, and Japan etc.

To read data from OBD port, 4G OBDII gps tracker support below protocols:

ISO9141-2  /ISO14230-4 KWP /ISO15765-4 CAN

The advantage of OBD gps tracker is it does no harm to vehicle original harness. Plug N Play.

Countries that support Cat M1 and Cat NB2.

  1. Advanced ST 32bit MCU for data collection and analysis
  2. Stable OBD data collection formula.
  3. Industrial GPRS module with high sensitivity GSM antenna with TCP/IP
  4. Accurate fuel consumption, mileage and speed data collection, accuracy is up to 95%
  5. Remote vehicle engine detection, diagnosis and fault upload
  6. Built-in flash to store GPS data at GSM blind area, and send data to server when GSM recovers.
  7. Built-in 3D axis sensor to detect harsh acceleration, brake, turn and collision.
  8. High sensitivity active ceramic GPS antenna with AGPS support.
  9. Support car battery voltage, shock detection under sleep mode.
  10. Strictly reasonable data collection without interfering vehicle CAN Bus data.
Function Details
Working voltage DC 9V – 35V
Working current 12V/73.6mA
Sleep current 12V/38.2mA
Backup battery 80 mAh (3.7V Li-polymer)
Working temperature -20℃ – 75℃
Storage temeprature -30℃ – 80℃
Working humidty 10%-85% RH Non-condensing
CPU ARM stm32
GSM module QUECTEL EC20/EC25
Frequency LTE/4G FDD-LTE:B1/B3
TDD-LTE:B38/ B39/ B40/ B41
EVDO/CDMA2000 1x:BC0
GSM antenna Built-in FPC antenna
GPS module AT6558D
Positioning mode GPS + Beidou
GPS time Cold start < 32s avg.
Hot start = 1s avg.
GPS sensitivity -162 dBm
GPS antenna Built-in 18*18*4mm, active ceramic antenna
GPS frequency L1:  1575.42±1.023MHz
Beidou frequency B1:  1561.098±2.046MHz
GPS channels 50
GPS accuracy <10m(1σ)
Speed accuracy <0.1m/s(1σ)
Max acceleration 4g
Max speed 515m/s
Max height 18000m
CAN interface 1
Dimension 58mm * 45mm * 22mm
Materia ABS
Weight 54 g

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