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Wireless Magnetci GPS Tracker UM666

3 Year battery life GPS Tracker

magnetic gps tracker um666

GPS Tracker UM666

Wireless magnetic GPS tracker UM666 is the world easiest installation device that you just find a covert place in vehicle, put it there and leave it working. No wire connection! No need power supply! With built-in battery and GPRS reporting to server at 12hrs, the device working time last up to 3 years (36 Months=1095 Days). Also, it has Detach Alarm, if the device is moved away from current place, it will also sends out alarm to authorized phone number. It is best for tracking goods, vehicles, assets, containers, etc.

  1. Wireless Magnetic gps tracker for Insurance vehicle anti-theft
  2. Built-in GSM/GPRS/GPS antenna for hidden and covert installation
  3. Built-in strong magnet for easy installation on metal material
  4. Real time tracking at web monitoring center
  5. Real time tracking by IOS/Android APP
  6. Support A-GPS tracking when no GPS signal
  7. Sleep Mode
  8. Anti-jammer
  9. Support Geo-fencing alarm on web tracking software
  10. Splash water resistant
  11. Built-in battery last up to 3 Years!!!!
  12. Drop/Detach alarm to authorized phone number by SMS and Call
Model UM666
Dimensions 77* 40* 21 mm
Weight 86g
Network GSM/GPRS
Band 850/900/1800/1900Mhz
GPS chip MTK2503D
GSM Module MTK2503D
GPS sensitivity -159dBm
GPS accuracy 10m

Time to First Fix

Cold status 45-120s

Warm status 35s

Hot status 1s

Battery Non-rechargeable dry battery 5400 mAh
Standby 3 years
Removal alarm Light sensor
Installation Strong magnet
Storage Temperature -40 to 85 ℃
Operation Temperature -20 to 55 ℃
Humidity 5%-95% non-condensing

Since long battery life GPS Tracker UM666 is preset to UniGuard servers, so the working steps are easy and fast:

  1. Take device at open place.
  2. Insert SIM card (SIM card with credit and GPRS, SMS function enabled).
  3. Switch On device.
  4. Device GPS (Blue) and GSM (Yellow) LED shall flash and in a few seconds stabilize which means both signal are fetched.
  5. Hide device in the car.

Then you can track device every day at same time of the day. In case vehicle is stolen, send command YG,IT:1# to activate real time tracking at intervla of 1 min, to help recover stolen vehicle. Then send YG,ALM:1200# to let device enter power saving mode again at reporting time 12:00 everyday.

UM666 wireless magnetic gps tracke rhas following working modes:

  1. Alarm tracking mode-By Day. Setup device to report to server at fixed time every day.
  2. Alarm tracking mode-By Days. Set device to report to server at fixed time every 2 days.
  3. Alarm tracking mode-By times. Set device to report to server at serveral fixed times every day
  4. Real time tracking mode. Setup device to report to srver at fixed minutes interval. It is used when vehicle is stolen.