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Stolen Vehicle Reovery

Stolen Vehicle Reovery by GPS tracking software and GPS tracking device

stolen vehicle recovery

Stolen Vehicle Reovery

For insurance companies, keep assets under control and stolen things recovery are always the most important things for business success. Among which, stolen vehicle recovery belongs to one of the core business. Quality service and tracking device and 100% recovery is always expected.

Uniguard GPS vehicle tracking and fleet management system will help you keep vehicles under control and recover the stolen vehicles. In a word, GPS Tracker will help reduce risks of losing vehicles and increase possibilities of finding lost ones, so as to maintain names and add profits.

Specifically, Uniguard offers the following tools for stolen vehicle recovery, so you can:
Real-time tracking
Track whereabouts of your vehicles at any time from any computer with internet access.

Real-Time Alerts and Notifications

Receive tracking alerts via your cell phone or online to know whether your vehicles are being used in an unacceptable manner. This map shows numerous speeding events, all of which you hear about in real time.

Geo-fencing Alarm
Verify vehicle attendance at specified location and receive real-time notifications when vehicle are in the preset arriving or leaving areas. User can set more than 10 alarming areas.

Remote immobilizer
Track and immobilize your vehicles right from your computer or mobile phone

Stolen vehicle recovery