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Vehicle GPS Tracker UM555

A newly designed GPS Tracking Device

vehicle gps tracker

Vehicle GPS Tracker UM555

UM555 is the newly designed and engineered vehicle gps tracker with latest technology, stable firmware and shining casing.

UM555 has 4 wires, respectively DC+, GND, ACC detection and Relay control.

The new gps tracking device has also backup battery and shock sensor builtin in, so it can offer vibration alarm and main power tamper alarm.

The most useful feature is that all these alarms can be sent by SMS or Call once they are triggered, alarm including: power tamper, ACC/Engine ON, Shock.

  1. Newly designed vehicle gps tracker for car, truck and motorbike
  2. Support Real time web tracking software
  3. Support IOS/Android smart phone based tracking app
  4. Support SMS command tracking
  5. Geo-fence alarm
  6. Sleep mode to save power
  7. Built-in backup battery 90mAh
  8. Remote engine immobilize by connecting with relay. (optional)
  9. Support auto Arm and Disarm with ACC wire connected
  10. Support engine On  and call preset number
  11. Support shock detection and call preset number
  12. Support power tampered alarm and call preset number
Internet2G GSM 850/900/1800/1900Mhz
Communication ProtocolTCP/IP



GNSS details

GPS and BeiDou and GLONASS

Location accuracy: 10m

Speed accuracy: 0.1m/s

Capturing sensitivity: -148dbm

Tracking sensitivity: -165dbm

Cool start: <32s

Hot start: <2s

GNSS antennaBuilt in.
Memory32mb + 32mb
SIM cardMicro-SIM
Signal lightBlue for GPS, Green for GSM
Battery90mAh 3.7V Li-polymer Industry battery
Working voltage9-100V DC / 24mAh (12VDVC) / 12mA (24VDVC)
Working currentAvg. [email protected] RX:-75dBm

Sleep: 5mA

Max: [email protected]:-108dBm

GSM sensitivity-108dBm
Working temperature-20 °C to 70 °C
Working humidity5 -95% RH
Size80* 24* 12 mm
Weight30 g
Admin numberadmin123456 TelThe last binding is valid
Change passwordpassword123456 XX is new 6 digits password
APN setupapn123456 cmnetGet right APN.
Status checkCXZT
Google LinkMap
Cut oilDY123456ResumeKY123456
Restart GPSCQGPSRestart DeviceCQ
Overspeedspeed123456 080
Move alarmmove123456 300Move 300m and alarm
Power cut SMS alarmpwrsms123456,X 


X=1, open. X=0, close


Power cut Call alarmpwrcall123456,X
ACC Arm/DisarmACCLOCK,123456,X
ACC ON SMS alarmaccsms123456,X
ACC ON Call alarmacccall123456,X
Calling Time ControlCALLTIMES#XX=1,2,3 (Default 3)
Shock SMS alarm125#Close126#
Shock Call alarm122#Close121#
Sleep modesleep 123456,XX=0, close sleep mode
ACC ON IntervalFREQ,123456,30ACC OFFSTATIC,123456,300

1 Compact size (80*24*12 mm) makes it easy to be installed at covered place even in a motorbike not to mention car and truck

2 Hidden signal light design. Once device is installed okay, the LED signal light is covered with SIM card sticker.

3 Engine immobilize. Connecting with relay, user can issue command by SMS or APP or Web to cut off engine in case of emergency.

4 Shock detection and call. When vehicle is parked and under ARM state, device shall call center number to notify abnormal shock.

5 ACC ON calling alarm. Under ARM state and ACC on alarm is activated, device shall call center number to notify illegal engine start.

6 Power Tamper calling alarm. When GPS tracker is disconnected from main power, devie shall call center number to notifiy external power cut.

UM720 not only works on motorbike, but also works on car and truck since its working voltage is from 9V to 100V DC.

Make sure GPS tracker ACC wire (Orange color) is connected.

1 Setup Notification Number

Center number configadmin123456 TelOK

The example command: admin123456 15012404563

2 Activate auto arm and disarm

Auto Arm and Disarm

(ACC wire must connect)

ACCLOCK,123456,1 (Turn on)

ACCLOCK,123456,0 (Turn off)



The right command:  ACCLOCK,123456,1

3 Activate ACC on alarm by making call

ACC on alarm by calling

(under Arm state)

ACCCALL123456,1 (Call ON)

ACCCALL123456,0 (Call OFF)

When ACC turns on, device call center number

The exact command: ACCCALL123456,1

When vehicle engine turns on, device shall call preset number 3 times. It also supports ACC ON SMS alarm, to send out alarm by SMS.