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GPS Tracker with Wire

Wired GPS Tracker Installation and Tracking

Hardwired GPS Tracker

By In Blog On June 1, 2022

UniGuard offers the best function-stable and price-competitive hardwired GPS tracker in the market. GPS Tracker with wires is one of the most widely sold and installed tracking units. Hardwires enable a direct connection with the vehicle battery to track the devices in real-time. We highly recommend the wired GPS tracker if you need vehicle tracking systems. All our hardwired GPS have backup batteries to give immediate alerts by Web and APP in case the hardwired tracker loses power by being disconnected or dismantled from the car battery.

What is a hardwired GPS Tracker?

A hardwired GPS tracker is an electronic device that allows you to monitor your car or other vehicles anywhere. You can use this device to track your vehicle if it gets stolen or lost. This device also helps you to locate your vehicle if you need to report it as stolen.

How often does the wired GPS update?

GPS tracker with hardware connection does not need to worry about battery endurance as they get constant power from the vehicle battery. In common, it updates live position from 5 secs to 30 seconds if moving and 5 mins if parked.

Can a wired GPS Tracker be detected?

Because of frequent live location updates, compared to the wireless GPS tracker, the wired GPS tracker is easier to be detected by detectors, which can detect GPS, GPRS, WIFI, and 4G signals. However, a secure installation can reduce the possibility of being found out and useful functions can increase the difficulty of dismantling the device.

How to install a hard wired GPS tracking system?

  1. Decide the installation location

We must decide where the tracker will be installed first. Many business owners prefer to have the fleet tracking systems installed hiddenly where the drivers cannot see and notice. In this case, it is advised to put the device under the dashboard of most cars and trucks. Make sure there is no metal above the installation location, as the metal plate shall shield GPS signals to disable the GPS location function. There is no need to worry about glass, plastic, foam, or wood since GPS signals can penetrate them.

  1. Installation

Before installation, insert a SIM card into the tracking device. The SIM card must enable GPRS data for live tracking, the call function for voice monitoring or 2-way voice speaking, and. SMS function for SMS control.

Place the device under the dashboard. Use a zip-tie to fix the device firmly to avoid dropping off from the dashboard. As well, tie the harness to well. Find a constant 12V DC or 24V DC power source to connect with GPS tracker red cable. Find the key/ignition wire and connect it to the orange or green wire of the tracker. Connect the black wire to the ground and insulate the rest cables. Basically, the installation of a hardwired GPS tracker is complete.

The yellow wire is used for engine shut off with relay. If you have bought a relay for kill switch, connect the yellow wire of GPS tracker and relay together and follow the below installation diagram to connect the other wires of the relay.

How does the GPS tracker disable the ignition of the vehicle?

Per the above installation, we can see the relay is utilized as a kill switch to disable the engine. It works by interrupting the flow of electricity to the vehicle’s spark plug. This results in an automobile’s combustion stopping. The common ways a GPS tracker with engine shut off capabilities is by either:

A Switching open a circuit that leads directly to the electronic fuel pump

B Opening the starter circuit that results in the prevention of current moving between the car battery to the starter. This forces the car not to turnover when the relay is activated.

Why hard wired GPS tracker is best for cars?

  1. Real-time tracking

Wired GPS tracker supports real-time location tracking on the Web or APP. User can monitor the location and status of their vehicles in seconds.

  1. Hidden installation

Compared to other types of GPS tracker, like OBD GPS tracker, it is installed hidden, out of sight of drivers or thieves.

  1. More functions

Hardwired GPS tracker with audio supports remote voice monitoring inside and around the vehicle, with kill switch can remotely shut off the vehicle in case of theft or unauthorized drive, with a temperature sensor can do temperature monitoring, with a fuel sensor can do fuel consumption monitoring, with an SOS button can send out emergency alarm and ask help. As well, it can generate more reports on web tracking software, including: car ignition on reports driving report, parking report, over speed alarm, and geo-fence alarm.

How many types of hard wired GPS Tracking Device?

  1. By frequency

In the market, now there are mainly 2G and 4G bands gps tracking devices. 2G wired GPS tracker is cost-competitive and works in most countries where 2G is still workable. But almost all countries have a 2G sunset date. Countries like USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and Thailand must use 4G devices as the 2G network is completely off.

  1. By number of wires

The number of wires of GPS tracker goes from 2 to 26 at least. Commonly seen in the market are 2 wire, 3 wire, 4 wire, 6 wire, 8 wire and 12 wires.

2 wire: Power and Ground

3 wire: Power, Ground, and ACC wire, or Power, Ground and Engine Cut wire.

4 wire: Power, Ground, ACC, and Engine cut wire

6 wire: Power, Ground, ACC, Engine cut wire, SOS (composed of 2 wires)

8 wire: Power, Ground, ACC, Engine cut wire, SOS, MIC (Composed of 2 wires)

12 Wire: Power, Ground, ACC, Engine cut wire, SOS, MIC, RS232 (composed of 4 wires)

2G Wired GPS Tracker
Model UM555 UM552 UT901 GT06 UM777 UM999
Picture hardwired gps tracker um555 hardwired gps tracker um552 hardwired gps tracker ut901 gt06 gps tracker hardwired gps tracker hardwired gps tracker um999
Wire 4 Wire 4 Wire 4 Wire 10 Wire 8 Wire 18 Wire
Protocol JT808 GT06 JT808 Tianqin JT808 JT808


Live Tracking on Web and APP

History Playback/Report

Park and Travel Report

Remote engine cut off with relay

Power tamper alarm

Over speed alarm

ACC ON alarm

Shock alarm

Low power alarm



Best Price Waterproof SOS alarm

Voice Listen-in

2 way voice speaking

Fuel monitoring

Temp. monitoring

Fuel monitoring

Temp. monitoring

Image monitoring

GPS Speed Limiter UT04S is wired device as well, but it is mainly for Kenya and Ethiopia markets for now.
4G Wired GPS Tracker
Model GT06L GT07L
Picture 4g gps tracker lte gps tracker
Wire 8 wire 3 wire
Protocol Tianqin Tianqin
Common Function Live Tracking on Web and APP

History Playback/Report

Park and Travel Report

Power tamper alarm

Over speed alarm

ACC ON alarm

Shock alarm

Low power alarm

Special Function Harsh acceleration alarm

Harsh braking alarm

Harsh turn alarm

Fatigue driving alarm

IP67 waterproof

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