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Magnetic GPS Tracker For Cars

Best and Full choices of Magnetic GPS Tracker for Your Cars

Magnetic GPS tracker for cars-Waterproof-Wireless-Spy GPS Locator

By In Blog On April 11, 2018

Magnetic GPS tracker for cars is composed of GPS tracker, big battery (Dry 18650 types or Rechargeable Li-ion battery)and strong magnet. We can assure magnetic GPS tracker is the best one for car, since it does not tamper with car wires. Also it can be used for bags or containers.

Can magnetic GPS tracker work as spy tracker?

In fact, magnetic GPS tracking devices are widely used by investigation organizations, law enforcement (FBI), insurance companies and even suspicious spouses. Whether your suspect your lover is cheating or the insurance car is lost, installing a hidden GPS tracking device for cars is easier and also affordable.

Magnetic GPS tracker for my car and WHY?

1 Easy Usage
magnetic gps tracker for cars

Insert a SIM card with GPRS and SMS enabled, turn on device, and then the device shall start work. No need setup. No need wires connection.

2 Fast Installation
magnetic gps tracker for cars

Since magnetic GPS tracker has no wires, it can be put at any metal hidden place and it shall strongly attach to it with 4 super magnets. Also, it will not break your car insurance agreement since it has not tampered vehicle wires. Unlike GPS tracker GL300, it does not cost you to buy a BIG extra magnetic case as attached.

3 Long Working Time

Magnetic GPS tracker mainly standby time is 1 to 3 years and their working time depends on the GPRS reporting interval. The longer GPRS working interval at 24HRs the longer its battery shall last.

Magnetic GPS tracker for cars mainly has 2 types:

Dry Battery magnetic GPS device

Magnetic GPS tracker with dry battery normally last longer around 1 to 2 years and the GPS tracking interval must be 24hrs. Since it reports 1 location per day, the power consumption is few, otherwise it cannot last long. When the battery is used out, a new battery must be replaced. Magnetic GPS tracker UM666 is the best seller since its price is competitive and performance is excellent. Price range from 35 to 45 USD.
magnetic gps tracker for cars

Rechargeable Battery magnetic GPS tracking device

Magnetic GPS tracker with rechargeable battery normally working time is 6 to 12 months at interval of 24HRS with a 20,000mAh battery, and this working interval is adjustable according to actual requirements. The good part is that its battery is rechargeable with USB cable. There are mainly 3 battery types: 6000mAh, 10,000mAh and 20,000mAh.

UM222 6000mAh price range from 40 to 50 USD
magnetic gps tracker for cars

UM209B 10,000mAh price range from 50 to 60 USD
UM209C 20,000mAh price range from 60 to 70 USD
magnetic gps tracker for cars

Which type of magnetic GPS Tracker for cars should I choose?

If real time tracking is needed, use rechargeable magnetic GPS tracker. Real time tracking consumes battery fast, when power is used out. Just recharge the device. Otherwise use dry battery magnetic GPS tracker, since they last longer and they report only 1 data to platform and they are at sleep mode all the rest time, which means even a GPS detector cannot find out where the GPS tracker is installed. Dry battery GPS tracker is widely and popular in insurance market and for anti-theft purpose.

How do I know if the battery is near used-out?

1 Magnetic GPS tracker for cars shall send lower power alert to your phone once your phone number is set to receive alarms.

2 GPS tracking software shall display battery status as well as attached.
magnetic gps tracker for cars

Does your magnetic GPS tracker for cars support 3G?

For countries, like USA, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, and Korea, at least 3G GPS tracker is needed since 2G is completely closed (T-mobile in USA still supports 2G.) which means 2G GPS tracker impossible to work. Model UM209 support 3G WCDMA, and 10 USD shall be added upon 2G price.

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