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Mask Knowledge

Mask knowledge

Mask Knowledge

By In Blog On March 24, 2020

Now, in the world, what is the hottest seller? Self protection things, including masks, sterilization liquid, protection equipment, etc. Here a little data about mask. And hope it can help you while making decisions.

Keyword: Meltdown fabric

Core material used in mask that is anti-bacteria is meltdown fabric. 50% of the world meltdown fabric is produced in China. The meltdown fabric cost has gone from 6.4 USD/KG to 79.2 USD/KG in last 2 months, even now it dropped to 49.5 USD/KG, it is still 7.7 time higher than original cost. A good meltdown fabric still has above 90% filtering efficiency even put in boiled water for 3 times.

Meltdown fabric does not burn. If you have doubt, try burn the middle layer after cutting the mask off.

Keyword: 3 Layer non-woven mask

By name, it clearly has 3 layers: outer colored non-woven fabric, non-woven fabric, inner soft non-woven cotton. Clearly it does no meltdown fabric. It is just a normal mask has no anti-bacteria efficiency.

3 Layer non-woven mask

3 layer non-woven mask

N95 mask

N95 is America standard. In China, we have KN95 or KN90. N95 means minimum filtering efficiency is above 95%, same like KN95. KN90 means minimum filtering efficiency standard is above 90%. FDA certificate from USA labs take 2 to 3 months, few companies have it. Note: there are 6,000 new factories in China starting to producing masks.

So KN95 is okay for you, unless you want to buy fake N95 mask.

Doctor advise that kids or pregnant woven or person with lung disease should not ware or ware long time KN95 mask. Specially kids, wearing long time could lead to permeant harm problem to lung.

KN95 mask

kn95 mask

Disposable medical mask

Disposable medical mask is also a 3 layer non-woven fabric mask. The differences are:

1 the middle layer is meltdown fabric

2 Medical mask has very high and strict production standard and policy, so very few large factories can produce it and name it medical mask. The rest factories can produce but shall not call it medical mask, just name it 3 layer non-woven mask.

3 Medical mask need EO sterilization. After sterilization, it needs to be put 14 days before selling, otherwise it shall produce cancerogen. Normal 3 layer does not do EO sterilization.

Doctor advise that the total waring time of a 3 layer non-woven mask should not surpass 4hrs.

The hot in market is 3 non-woven mask with meltdown fabric in the middle.

Above all, the core of an anti-bacteria mask that can filter virus is if it has middle meltdown fabric. If you are buying it at unbelievably cheap price. Should you not doubt its cheap quality? Since in China, when we are in urgent need of masks, the evil seller use toilet paper to replace middle meltdown fabric.

Lastly, when will the maskĀ  really needed in large scale? Check Point 3.

Since China has been through it, we have got some information.

1 when city is locked down, no one in and no one out, people all stay at home. If we go out, we buy necessary living materials over a week or 2 weeks, so as to reduce chances of going out. In this case, normal families do not use many masks.

2 why there is huge shortage of mask? Actually it is for doctors and patients in hospital, whose masks must be replaced every 4 hrs strictly to avoid getting infected.

3 when the increasing quantity goes to zero, wait for another 14 days. Government will slowly start normal life and business, different cities has different polices. And there is a strict requirement: each person goes in and out of a place, they must ware mask and take temperature record, so a huge of masks and temperature gun will be needed unless the business owner does not want to start business, no matter it is factor or company or banks or bus companies or schools or restaurants or hotels, etc.


1 If you insist on N95 mask, even America government is in great shortage of it. Can you get it?

2 If you insist on having logo or English or whatever, do you think the factory has time to waste? Now all China factories are running day and night to produce, even the 6,000 new factories. Wasting time is wasting money to them.

3 More and more cases are showing up. Definitely the price will go up. A thing is valued if it is rare.If you need, act. There is news in China now- we should not sell our mask at cheap price, while we import and buy at high price when we are in serious period.

Hope it helps you. It is a disaster to all of us. Take care.


  • Gena Buksuet 2 YEARS AGO

    Thank you for pasting this in English! It is all true! Just one thing I like to point out. The KN 95 masks shown on the picture are terrible quality. I don't know if the material they are made of will really filter out over 95% of particles over 2.5 microns, I have no way to test. Let's assume they do, since they have the KN95 stamp. The problem is how they fit over your face. The elastic bands meant to stretch it behind the years are very stretchy and flimsy. The can never hold the mask firmly and prevent gaps of forming between your face and the mask. Secondly, the metal strap meant to form around the nose and close that gap is so thin and soft, it's useless. I don't know if that's the KN95 standard or all those I've obtained are low quality. But one must be very careful when buying masks online and not rely blindly on a stamp or advertisement.

    • gps tracking device 2 YEARS AGO

      Hello Gena, hope you are good. KN95 is a standard, the standard is strict. If you can not wear it well, I think one reason is that the White nose are higher than Chinese, (Many chinese spent money to have a high nose)so it does not cover or wear well. For quality, you know in business there is always black heart person and buyer who just care money, so there will be low quality mask. China govt has take very strict policy to control mask export to ensure quality. I hope the covid-19 shall end soon, and everyone in the world shall have a better life.