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Mini GPS Tracker A8

The world mini size GPS Tracker

Mini Gps Tracker A8

By In Blog On April 1, 2017

Mini GPS Tracker A8 is a hot product in the market because of its good (very low price) price, which is around 7 to 10 USD. However, there is nothing in the world is perfect.
mini a8 gps tracker


How does Mini GPS Tracker A8 work?

Is A8 a gps tracker? No. A8 has nothing to do with GPS since it is built with only GSM module. Correct name should be A8 LBS Positioning System. It can give location because of using base station data from base towers. The accuracy of such technology is based on number of base towers, the more the tower the more accurate. Otherwise, the accuracy error could be thousands of meters and more.

Mini GPS Tracker A8 Specifications

Size43.2 x 32 x 13.6 mm
ConnectionGSM / GPRS
GSM Frequency850/900/1800/1900 MHz
Charger InputAC110-220V 50/60 Hz
Charger OutputDC5V 500mA
BatteryRechargeable battery 3.7V 500mA Li-ion battery
Storage Temperature-40 to 80 degrees
Working Temperature-20 to 55 degrees
Humidity5%-95% non-condensing

Mini GPS Tracker A8 Features

1.Use SIM card (Not included)

2.Sound control dialing

3.Environmental surveillance

4.LBS Positioning (this function will only work in following countries:(China, Thailand, Spain, Russia, Arabia, Portugal, Vietnam, Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh)

5.SOS Emergency Call

6.Real Time 4 bands GSM/GPRS

7.VOX Back Call

8.12 days standby time 

Mini GPS Tracker A8 Instructions


The Mini A8 GPS tracker is easy to use, operating on a series of simple SMS text message commands sent to a registered SIM card from authorized telephone numbers. Correct operation involves installing a SIM card, registering the number, and authorizing at least one mobile phone to work in conjunction with the device.

Power On: Open the back cover, put the SIM card into the seats, then it is automatically power on. When booting, indicator will light for 10 seconds, after the indicator is off, cover the back cover then it can be used.

Environmental monitoring: starting up normally, dial alarm number, it will be easy to hear the situation within 10 meters around the machine after waiting for five seconds.

Sound Control Dialing: use mobile phones or fixed-line to get through SIM card number in the alarm, hang up the machine when hearing the sound of the machine about 3 seconds, and that means it sets up successfully. When there is a sound above 45 db within 10 meters around the alarm, the call will be automatically make call number which you set before.

Send 0000 SMS to turn off sound control function.

Send 1111 SMS to turn on sound control function.

LBS Positioning: Please directly edit capital letters “DW” SMS to the alarm in China, and on aboard please edit capital letters “GPS” to the alarm, The alarm will revert a message including the information about addresses/longitude and latitude/web site content in a minute.

SOS Emergency Call: Edit the content of messages capital letters “SOS” to alarm, directly press the key SOS above three seconds after the success of setting, the alarm will directly call the setting number. And the indicator will flash.

Mini GPS Tracker A8 Package

1 x Mini Global Tracker

1 x User Manual

1 x USB Cable

Mini A8 GPS Tracker Cost:

5.8 USD/pc for order above 100 units.

5 USD/pc for order above 500 units.

4.5 USD/pc for oder above 1000 units.

User Manual Download

Mini A8 GPST racker User Manual


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