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New Website

New web site for better client's experience

New Website

By In Blog On March 25, 2014

Uniguard Technology Limited new website is updated. Visitors can get more information and latest news about our GPS tracker and GPS Tracking System.

The first change is Company Logo. We employ specialized Logo Designing Company to finish the job. Uniguard first letter “U” is well used in the Logo. No matter where you go, where you are, Uniguard is right beside you. In another word, With Uniguard, With Peace of Mind.

The second change is the whole web color-Black to Green, which is a huge progress for our company. Black is for past and Green is for future; Black for Gases, Green for Trees. We want to help vehicle owners, companies to contribute to the environmental protection of our Mother Land-Earth. HOW?

  1. Users can select the best path before starting driving. By logging tracking centre with Google Map, leaving and arriving locations are clearly showed. To drive less, to emit less. Off course, it will save less fuel consumption at the condition that fuel price is going all high up.
  2. Fleet managers can see exactly where vehicles were going from History Locations Playback, so as to avoid fallacious usage of vehicles. First comes to managers’ mind is to save avoidable costs for company. Meanwhile, we have saves gas emission.

The third is detailed product description. We add more pictures and explanations to help visitors understand more about our service. Our hot selling models are GPS GPRS GSM Vehicle Tracker UT01, UT03, and UT04, as well as Mini GPS Motorbike UM02. Compared to other companies’ devices:

  1. We never use second-hand devices. Any component in our tracker are brand new and qualified, even a little screw or a resistor, despite most companies now are using second-hand GSM or GPS modules to reduce their costs. This is first unfair to clients what they pay for, second to competitors what we pay for.
  2. We let clients enjoy latest technology and customize functions. It is truly that most companies claim their devices have Fuel Monitoring and Picture Monitoring function. While when ask to buy it, they will suggest you other models. Have you ever encountered this?  These two functions need both hardware and software to achieve the satisfied monitoring result. In our later news, you will see the details.
  3. We offer 120% satisfied service. Our boards have 4 hardware and software engineers. All of them have worked in this area more then 10 years with enough experience and skills. The key of our service is not just to solve problems, but to avoid them. We leave all problems solved at our side, so clients get the best products, which also will not let their customers down.

No Matter Where You Go, Where You Are, Uniguard Is Right Beside You.

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