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Pet GPS Tracker

A GPS Tracking device for pets

Pet gps tracker is used to track the pets location mainly. Once they get lost or stolen or you can not find them, just open your phone and track them.

A real good pet gps tracking device should have following features:

1.Small in size, light in weight.

2.Long battery life

3.Easy to use tracking APP

4.Water proof

solar powered gps tracker v26

GPS Tracker with Solar Panel

Pet GPS Tracker
4g pet tracker

4G Pet Tracker V43

4g Tracker Pet GPS Tracker
solar gps tracker

Solar GPS Tracker 4G

4g Tracker Pet GPS Tracker
4g pet collar

4G Pet Collar B21L

4g Tracker Pet GPS Tracker
hunting dog gps tracker

GPS Tracker For Hunting Dogs

4g Tracker Pet GPS Tracker
livestock gps tracker

Livestock GPS Tracker

4g Tracker Pet GPS Tracker

The reasons to work with UniGuard are listed as below:

1.Better design

UniGuard gps pet tracker are specially designed for pets usage, small in size and light in weight.

2.Big battery

Since the pet gps locator has a compact size, it is impossible to equip it with a big capacity battery. However, UniGuard uses imported LG polymer battery-higher quality and larger capacity to last 10 more days.

3.Best stability

Stability is the most important value of a GPS Tracker. Our pet gps tracking device has passed CE and RoHs certificate. Each delivered gps tracker is under double test to ensure clients receive a well-functional device.

5.Best price

Due to high quality sales of our device, it is widely sold in the globe, which makes our raw material average purchasing cost lower than competitors, we are sure to come a mutual beneficial price with clients.

6.OEM and ODM

Immersing 10 years develop, design and sales of GPS tracker, we know what our clients need and we can tailor the needs. Most clients do not need what you offer, they need a gps tracking device that suits well to his own market section, it could be logo redesign or casing redesign or function redevelop, none of these is a problem to us. We shall fix it.