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GPS Web tracking software Updates

gps tracking software

GPS Tracking Software Upgrading

By In Blog On March 8, 2021

Considering the fact that Adobe Flash Player is terminated in December 20, 2020. We upgraded our gps tracking software to function without it.

Below are some new features upgraded to the new web tracking software:

1 Add More button to display more information about vehiclegps tracking software

2 Add Alarm Manager, which is there at old tracking software, so users can manage all alarms triggered by GPS tracker under his account.

gps tracking software

3 Add User Operation Log, so user can know what operations is done. If any wrong operation is done, user can revers it.

gps tracking software

4 Add Last Location report, which exists in old software

gps tracking software

5 Add Daily Moving report, to know exactly what mileage traveled per day.

gps tracking software

6 Add History Report with details, like stop, start, alarm, etc.

gps tracking software

7 Clear used device information, like traces and alarms.

gps tracking software


We shall add more features and perfect our gps tracking software always.

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