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Speed Limiting Devices For Zimbabwe

By In Blog On August 4, 2023

GPS Speed Limiting Device now is needed in Zimbabwe as well like other African countries, including Kenya, Nigeria, Zambia, Uganda, Ethiopia, and Rwanda, etc.

In Zimbabwe, The Road Traffic Act took the decision to fix a speed limiting and monitoring device in a passenger public service vehicle registered in Zimbabwe or a heavy vehicle with a net mass of four thousand six hundred kilograms (4 600kg) or more registered in Zimbabwe. Those categories of vehicles have been identified as one of the major causes of road crashes.


Our model UT04S support fuel consumpiton monitoring. Working theory: Fuel amount changes, the fuel sensor analog output voltage shall change as well. By connecting fuel sensor with the Grey wire of GPS speed limiting device, the voltage data is sent to real time web tracking software, where the data shall be managed with certain algorithm and display in Fuel amount left in tank.

To learn more by click at Fuel Monitoring System , it is same working theory and fuel sensor installation video.

UniGuard 4th generation ultrasonic fuel sensor is one of the best fuel level sensors from China. Its signal outputs include: RS232, RS485, or analog voltage. Mainly in the market, the GPS speed limiter defaults support analog voltage as fuel signal input. Some of the brands are Noran and YTWL. Per clients’ feedback, Sabo speed limiter does not support fuel monitoring as there is no analog voltage input wire.

  1. UniGuard has been in GPS tracking business over 10 years now since 2012.
  2. UniGuard is a IOS9001 approved company.
  3. UniGuard GPS with speed limiter has CE and ROHS certificate (Latest is at Year 2020).
  4. We have our own R&D team.
  5. We have our own software team. No matter in web software or APP, we can do the best.
  6. We offer the best price in market to support clients.
  7. Our device is already approved by Ethiopia authority.

We have already sent sample speed limiters to Zimbabwe for testing purpose and the performance is great!

YES. Our speed limiter supports speed detection by either GPS or Pulse. For vehicles that does not have pulse siganl, user can setup device to read speed by GPS. Otherwise setup device to read speed by Pulse.

UniGuard gps speed governor UT04S support calibrate pulse speed by configure the right coefficient. Default value is 2000. It could differ per vehicle types. After connecting device with computer, open the SSCOM tool, send command, then run vehicle on flat road at speed of 20KM/H, so as to calibrate speed.

YES. User can choose to send SMS or Online/APP command to cut off the engine in case it is needed. We advise cutting the engine when the vehicle speed is lower than 20KM/H to avoid accidents. No need an extra connection of the relay.

YES. Our GPS speed limiter can do both live tracking and speed limit. It can be set to report to two servers at same time at 5 seconds interval. The interval can be configured to any time you need.

YES. GPS speed limiter shall store data in its memory at 5 second interval. The data can either be exported by using a portable printer or USB disk. The format is Date Month Speed and Coordinates.

YES. UniGuard GPS Speed limiter is a combination of GPS Tracker and Speed Limiter. However, it can work without SIM card if you just need Speed Limiter Function.


hat is a GPS speed governor?

A speed limiting device with GPS is a combination of vehicle GPS tracking and vehicle speed limit technology. GPS integrated speed limiter device is designed to limit the maximum road speed of motor vehicles by control of engine power.


eatures of Speed Limiter

Speed Limiters. User can setup top speed to limit vehicle speed either by SMS or computer based tool.

Geo fence based Speed Limit. The device support 3 fences to setup different speed limit per fences.

USB flash data downloaded. Vehicle travelling data could be retrieved by using a computer or a USB flash or a wireless Bluetooth printer.

Data could be stored for at least 72 working hours for future reference, including date, time, speed, car plate number, owner name, fitting center, installer name, installed date, longitude, latitude, etc.

Tamperproof. UniGuard vehicle speed limiters are specially designed for none drivers or any other unauthorized people can tamper with the installed devices. Once device is tampered, it shall go to limp mode- vehicle speed is restricted to 20KM/H. (Per Zimbabwe Standard)

Prewarn if 95% of set speed limit is reached, beep sound will be produced continuously.

◆ In installation UniGuard speed governor could be hidden in a place not accessible by unauthorized people.

◆ The speed limiter recorder could communicate with computer by use of USB flash.

9to 60V working Voltage. Wide applicable for trucks, cars, school buses, taxi and other commercial vehicles.

Wireless Data Printing. Support connection with wireless portable Bluetooth printer and print the past 1 hr driving data.


dvantages of using UniGuard Vehicle Speed Governor:

◆ Safety by avoid over speeding.

◆ Increasing engine life

◆ Increasing engine efficiency

◆ Reduce maintenance cost

◆ Reduce pollution, increase environmental protection

◆ Ensure road safety for pedestrian, drivers, passengers and goods.


arameters of GPS Speed Governor

Name UT04S GPS Speed Limiting Device
Weight and Size 191g / 110*75*30 mm
Electromagnetics Voltage of anti-pulse above 3000V
Communication SMS, GPRS,TCP/IP
Network Bands GSM/GPRS/SMS  850/900Mhz: -109dBm 1800/1900Mhz: -108dBm
GPS chip U-blox 7
GPS sensitivity -159dBm
GPS accuracy 5m at 2D RMS
GPS frequency L1, 1575.42 MHz
GSM/GPRS module SIM800C (Bluetooth Module Built-in)
Max RF output 33.0dBm±2dBm
Dynamic input range -15 ~ -102dBm
Anti-jamming Strengthened Anti-jamming
Time to Frist Fix Reacquisition 0.1s / Cold start 40s / Warm start 30s /Hot start 1s
Working voltage DC 9V-36V
Backup battery Rechargeable Li-ion 1000mAh 3.7V (Customizable)
Battery time Operation: 48hrs; Standby: 15 Days.
Working current 42mAh / 12V (Standby current 16mA)
Charging current Max < 500mA
Work Power 2W
Working Temp. -45~85
Humidity 5%-95% non-condensing




1 A/D Port for fuel monitoring with external fuel sensor
1 Interface for data config by PC
1 USB port for USB disk data download
2 Port for speed limit
1 Input for speed signal
1 Input for Bluetooth Printing control
Built in Flash Store data of last 72hrs, above 5000 points
Built in Buzzer Sound alarm when speed reaches 95% of set value
Button Power ON/OFF
LED Green for GSM, Blue for GPS, Red for Power.
Antenna External GPS and GSM antenna
Sensor Shock sensor, external temperature sensor, external fuel sensor
Alarm Power cut, Lower battery, Over speed, Geo-fence, Fatigue driving, Harsh brake.
Tracking method Real time user friendly Web Software and Phone APP (IOS/Android)
Account level Unlimited sub account management
Report Trip , Speed and Over-speed, Geo-fence , Parking , Driving, Mileage, Engine Idle, History Playback, Fuel monitor,


Connection Diagram

gps speed limiter

Mechanical Aacutator

gps speed limiter acutator

GPS Speed Limiter

gps speed limiter

Bluetooth Data Print

gps speed limiter ethiopia

USB Downloading

gps speed limiter

PC Config Tool

gps speed limiter

SMS Setup Commands

Usage Command Comment or Reply
Restart device <RES=0,>
Check setup and firmware version <CXIP,> <P,,MTN=20208103731,,>

Check status <CXEI,> Power:ON Bat:10% GPRS:ONLINE%


GSM:17 GPS:2 TIME:5/180

VER:PLUSE% OIL:2.3 TCX:10\20

Check IMEI <CXPI,> <IMEI=867717047303731,>
Set GPRS interval <RPT=30,> Set GPRS report interval at 30 secs.
APN setup <APN=CMNET,>

GPS Web Tracking Software:
gps tracking software

Demo login: User name: Test Password: 123123

1.Live Tracking

2.History Playback

3.Geo-fence manage

4.Trip, Driving and Engine Idle Report

5.Over speed, Power Tamper, Geo-fence alert on Web or APP or To email.

6.Sub user and asset management-Full right

7.Support both Android and IOS APP

To check realtime test video, please click below Youtube Link

GPS Speed Limiter UT04S Test Videos

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