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Supported GPS Tracker

UniGuard GPS Web Tracking Software is advanced

Supported GPS Tracker

By In Blog On August 24, 2015


After seeing our GPS web tracking software, so functional and attractive, most clients will ask “What other GPS trackers does your platform support?”

It is true that our GPS web tracking software can support several types of devices, and more if clients require us to add. Below are the devices already working on our GPS web tracking software:

  1. GPS Tracker VT310
  2. GPS Tracker GPS102,GPS103,GPS104,GPS303 OR TK102,TK103,TK104,TK303
  3. GPS Tracker TK116,TK115
  4. GPS Tracker TZ-AVL02,TZAVL-05
  5. GPS Tracker GT02,GT06N
  6. GPS Tracker M508,M528
  7. GPS Tracker S116
  8. All devices with TianQing Protocol

For adding other devices to our platform we will charge 1000 to 3000 USD according to the protocol and added details.

All these devices from 7 different factories or traders can work at our platform. If you want to combine all your devices at one platform, UniGuard GPS web tracking platform is your best choice.

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