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Vehicle GPS Speed Limiter

Vehicle Speed Limiter with GPS Tracker

Vehicle GPS Speed Limiter

By In Blog On July 9, 2015

UniGuard GPS Speed Limiter is strictly designed per Kenya and Ethiopia Government Standards!

Speed limiter or Speed governor is a device used to restrict the top speed of the vehicle for security reasons, widely used in public service vehicles (buses, school buses) and heavy goods vehicles. Normally speaking, the vehicle is already equipped with an onboard speed limit system prevent the vehicle exceeding certain speed. However in reality usage, the traffic might get dangerous with the pre-controlled speed, especially for school buses, public buses, and heavy construction trucks. Then external speed limiter (speed governor) is needed to ensure the public security.

GPS Speed limiter is the latest product developed by UniGuard to improve driving security with combined technology of GPS tracking and Speed limiter. With our GPS Speed governor, you do not only control vehicle driving speed, but as well view vehicle locations real time, view past routes, see various reports (like SOS, over speed, geo-fence, etc). GPS speed governor is much safer than pure Speed Governor. It was widely enjoyed in countries like Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, Ethiopia, etc. 

GPS Speed limiter Working Theory

The speed limiter, with a Relay builtin, in is used to control Fuel Pump On and Off so as to make fuel supply to engine normal or reduced, so as to reduce vehicle speed in case vehicle running speed is higher than preset Speed limit. No matter it is mechanical or electrical pump, our speed limiting device can limit vehicle speed by controlling it.

GPS Speed Governor Picture

gps speed limiter

GPS Speed Limiter Connection Diagram

gps speed limiter

GPS Speed Governor Configuration Tool

gps speed limiter

 Speed Limiter Supported Features:

1.Speed Limiter

Enforce to limit the speed of your vehicle if preset maximum speed

Geo fencing speed limitation. Specific speed limit value at specific areas.

2.Tamper proof

Maximum speed is 40km/h if maximum speed is tampered or sensor is cut.

3.Download data

Data can be stored for 72 hours at interval of 5 seconds.

Data can be retrieved by connecting device to computer via USB data port


Violations can be printed out for the last one-hour driving. Portable printer prevents drivers from printing

Speed violations can be printed

5.Violations alarm

All violations will be transmitted to platform and can be downloaded via USB and printed out by portable printer.

Real time fleet tracking Working power: 2W

5.Fuel Consumption Monitoring

Monitor fuel consumption details online with or without connection with ultrasonic fuel sensor.

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