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Vehicle Trip Report

Detailed Vehicle Daily Report

Vehicle Trip Report

By In Blog On March 26, 2014

Unigaurd always aim at fully accomplishing clients request with high technology and experienced skills. After software installation for client, they require that they need a very detailed vehicle trip report although we already have Vehicle stop state report, and they need Plot Trip.

What is plot trip?

After you have get Trip report of a vehicle, choose any line of the report, then click above Plot Trip, a new popup Google map window will open and show traces of vehicle between this 2 times.

Refer to following picture:


Trip report includes following columns:

1. First line

Client account, Car Plate No., Checking date, Driver Name

2.Second line

Start Time, Stop Time, Start Location, Stop Location, Distance, Odometer, Max Speed, Driving Time, Parking Time

Refer to following picture.

In the middle, you will see Get address and Go to Google Map.

1.Tick Get address, when you double click coordinates, it will covert to address name exactly.

2.Tick Go to Google map, click coordinates, it will go to Google Map automatically.

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