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20170720 GPS Tracking Software Updates

By In Blog On July 20, 2017

UniGuard, as a professional GPS tracking solutions supplier, including GPS tracker and GPS Web Tracking software, strive to keep our technology advanced, ahead of time and client’s request. With time flies by, the GPS web tracking software comes to the forth important updating, as below:

Web Tracking Software DEMOGPS :

1 Optimize account login speed.

2 Optimize asset management – add device

3 Optimize send message from web to device

4 Optimize local cache, cache will be automatically restored when new device or user is created.

5 Optimize History Playback with Parking details.

6 When message sent from web to device fails, software will automatically send 3 more time so make sure message is successfully delivered.

7 Included OpenStreetMap address query, which means users can have full address details when they check vehicle history report or any other reports where address is included.

A Single arrow means address is obtained from Google map

B Double arrow means address is cached locally from server

C Double dot means address is obtained from OpenStreetMap
gps tracking software
gps tracking software


WeChat APP cartrack:

1 Optimize data downloading from server. Wechat can display at least 3000 car list

2 Optimize message delivery

3 Simplify Car List display

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