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GPS Car Tracking Device

High Quality GPS Tracking Device for Car, Truck and Motorbike

Car GPS Tracker is one of the most widely used gps tracking device. As one of the professional and experienced China GPS trackers suppliers, UniGuard offers various GPS trackers to meet the current GPS tracking devices market, including car gps tracking device, truck gps locator, motorbike gps tracker. Mostly, car gps locator need connect with vehicle battery to sustain its continuous performance. There are also car tracking device without installation, like magnet gps tracker, cigarette lighter gps tracker, and OBD gps tracker. All our GPS trackers can be tracked by Advanced Web Platform, User-Friendly APP and SMS command. We offer low-cost gps car tracker but also we maintain the quality of all our GPS trackers.

GPS Tracker Models:

  1. GPS Relay LK720. It is a perfect anti-theft device that is simulates a relay in car and hard to locate it after hidden installation.
  2. OBD gps tracker. OBD gps tracker does not need wire connection. Just need plug it into the OBD port under vehicle wheel.
  3. Super slim and cost-effective GPS Tracker UM555. Support Engine ON alarm, Shock alarm, Power tamper alarm. Alarm can be call or SMS or both. The Upgraded version is UM552 which supports OTA.
  4. Advanced GPS tracker UM777. It supports accurate 99% fuel consumption monitoring, temperature monitoring and weight/load monitoring.
  5. GPS speed limiter, GPS speed limiting device is a combination of gps tracker and speed limiting system. It is designed and built per Kenya KS 2295 2018 and Ethiopia ES 6413 2019 standards. UniGuard GPS speed limiter UT04S works well in both countries and have got license.
  6. Car Charger GPS Tracker CC01. It is a hidden-designed GPS tracking device. Easy to install. It also supports remote voice monitoring and dual USB charging port.
  7. GT07L is a 4G LTE tracking device and it is IP67 waterproof. It has a 2G version UT901 wateproof gps tracker with remote engine immobilize.
gps relay lk720

GPS Relay LK720

GPS Tracker
3 year battery life gps tracker

3 Year Battery Life GPS Tracker UM666

Asset GPS Tracker GPS Tracker
magnetic gps tracker

Magnetic GPS Tracker GL700

4g Tracker Asset GPS Tracker GPS Tracker
car charger gps tracker

Car Charger GPS Tracker CC01

GPS Tracker
4g obd gps tracker

4G OBD GPS Tracker

4g Tracker GPS Tracker
fuel tracking device

Fuel Tracking Device UM777

GPS Tracker

4G Vehicle Tracker GT06L

4g Tracker GPS Tracker
vehicle gps tracker

Vehicle GPS Tracker UM552

GPS Tracker
lte gps tracker

LTE GPS Tracker GT07L

4g Tracker GPS Tracker

The reasons to work with UniGuard are listed as below:

1.More choices

UniGuard offer different vehicle tracking device to suit markets.

For insurance companies, we advise magnet gps tracker or car charger gps tracker or GPS relay LK720for hidden tracking.

For speed limit, we advise Ethiopia and Kenya Standard GPS integrated speed limiter UT04S.

ForĀ cold chain management, we advise GPS tracker with temperature monitoring UM777.

For individuals, we advise mini size gps tracker UM555 or UM552. For people who do not want to do installation, we advise OBD gps tracker UT06. There is always a choice.

2.Best stability

Stability is the most important value of a GPS Tracker. Our gps tracking device has passed CE and RoHs certificate. Each delivered gps tracker is under double test to ensure clients receive a well-functional device.

3.Best price

Due to high quality sales of our device, it is widely sold in the globe, which makes our raw material average purchasing cost lower than competitors, we are sure to come a mutual beneficial price with clients.

4.OEM and ODM

Immersing 10 years develop, design and sales of GPS tracker, we know what our clients need and we can tailor the needs. Most clients do not need what you offer, they need a gps tracking device that suits well to his own market section, it could be logo redesign or casing redesign or function redevelop, none of these is a problem to us. We shall fix it.

5.Best Support

UniGuard is renowned for its fast and professional support for all clients. We treat all our clients with full patience and profession, as we have been in this business over 10 years.