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GPS Tracker LK720

Hidden GPS Tracker with Remote Control

gps relay lk720

GPS Relay LK720

GPS Relay LK720 is a newly designed vehicle tracking device. Compared with old version, beside hidden tracking, the new version supports remote voice monitoring, remote control, and also built-in buzzer alarm. New LK720 GPS tracker becomes more powerful.

Hidden Tracking

LK720 is a newly designed hidden GPS Tracker with an apperance of normal relay. It is good for vehicle tracking, specially for motorbickes.

Live Tracking

Real-time tracking of the device locations on the Web and APP. As well as playback the routes so as to increase dispatch efficiency.

Remote Control

GPS relay also comes with a remote control. The remote control supports ARM/DISARM, SOS alarm and Sound to find the car.

Voice Monitoring

Beside power tamper alarm, Engine on alarm, it also supports voice monitoring with built-in microphone.

GPS LK720 tracker Features

1 Realtime tracking by WEB, APP (GPSPOS) and SMS

2 Location query by SMS

3 Hidden design with a normal relay shape

4 Engine status detection with orange ACC wire

5 Engine cut with Blue and Green wire connected between engine power wire

6 Remote control, one key to cut off and resume engine

7 Remote voice monitoring with built-in microphone

8 Built-in buzzer for shock alarm or alarm to find car at parking lot

9 History playback on web tracking software and APP

10 Geo-fence alarm

11 Travel report

12 SOS alar with remote control

13 External power cut off alarm

14 ACC ON alarm by SMS or Call or APP

GPS Relay Tracker Specifications

Content Specs.
Dim. 31*31*57mm
Network GSM/GPRS
Frequency 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
GPS antenna Built-in
GSM antenna Built-in TK119 GPS high sensitivity antenna
GPS chipset MTK high sensitivity chip
Location accuracy <10 meters CEP
Time To First Fix(open sky) Cold status <35s   Hot status  <1s
Working voltage 9-36VDC
GPRS Protocol TCP/IP
Operating temp. -20°C to +70°C
consumption 3mA~50mA
Backup battery 75mAh
Built in buzzer Remote version has it
Built in microphone YES, for voice monitoring
Built in remote antenna YES, for remote control
Remote control Optional

Why choose LK720 GPS Tracker?

1 LK720 GPS relay  is a hidden designed tracking device.

2 LK720 is a combination of GPS tracker and Relay. No extra relay is needed to cut off vehicle engine.

3 UniGuard GPS tracker LK720 can also offer engine status detection.

4 LK720 comes with a remote control. It is now a combination of GPS tracker, relay, and car alarm.

5 Live tracking on GPSPOS tracking software and APP.