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GPS Tracking Software

Web Tracking Software,PC Tracking program and Android APP

What is GPS Tracking Software?

GPS tracking software is a type of software that allows you to monitor the location and movement of your GPS devices, such as vehicles, equipment, pets or people. It can help you improve efficiency, safety, security, and customer satisfaction by providing real-time visibility, alerts, reports, and analytics.

Why choose our GPS Tracking software?

Almost any company offering GPS tracker comes with a web tracking software, no matter it is a trading company or a factory. However, why choose our GPS tracking system? It is because:

1 Our Tracking software GPSPOS.NET is one of the most advanced one in the world offering hundreds of features beside Real time tracking and History Playback. If  you are choosing software, please look into features clearly and compare with our tracking software features: History playback, History Report, Live Trackig, Geo-fence, Image monitoring, Fuel Monitoring, Device manage and mutli-level user account manage.etc.

2 We offer customized login page according to clients, specially for those supply GPS tracking business locally. Having a branded tracking software shows the company ability to offer high standard service. We offer customized login page as below: Branded Domain, Branded Login Page, Branded Logo.

3 We sell the software so as to install on client’s own server. If you need the software at no cost, just place a bulk order above 5000 pcs. We also sell source code of GPS Tracking softare. Please contact us for more details.

4 We offer web tracking service to all clients for long term win-win business.

5 We offer branded android APP.

How many vehicles can the web software handle?

There is no restrict on quantity of vehicle numbers. With just one account, you can get a total control of all your company fleets no matter it is 10 or 10,000. You can also create subaccounts for different company divisions, so the department head can also have a good view of the vehicle status. GPS tracker installed on each vehicle will update their status to web tracking software every 10 seconds and the data is stored in server upto 180 days.

Does the software support APP and Phone login?

Besides real time web tracking software, user can also access their vehicles by IOS and Android APP or by WAP login if their phone does not support the application.Search GPSPOS at Appstore or Google Play to download the APP. No charge. In this case, you do not have to sit with computers and make Track Any Vehicle Anytime Anywhere Possible!

Does your software support other brands GPS Tracker?

We have integrated most GPS Tracker protocols from China, so they can work at our platform. Brands are as below: Concox, LK series, Coban, Vjoycar, Eeelink, Topfly, Teltonika, Ruptela, Meitrack, Queclink, Sinotrack, Bofan,etc.

How much is your GPS Tracking Software?

Tracking software sales inclues 2 parts: Web based Tracking Software interface and Android APP. Due to the strict policy of Appstore, APP installation only includes Android APP and upload to Google Play. IOS APP shall login through our GPSPOS app, and it is connected to your own softare. The above cost is 5000 USD, including web tracking interface with Android APP at Google Play.

If you do not need web tracking software but need your own branded Android APP at Google Play, cost is 500 USD.

If there is any protocol that is not included in our tracking software, adding protocol minimum cost is 500 USD.

What is the server requirements to install tracking software?

Server Hardware Specifications:

Rack: 1U rack used

CPU: Quad-Core Xeon 3.0G and above

RAM: 32G(DDR2 & DDR3) and above

Hard Disk: 2 SAS Hard Disk (RAID1), each of the capacity of 512G, speed at 7200RPM (preferably 15000RPM)

This configuration can support 20,000 devices online at same and 6 months data (device report its position in every 30 seconds). If devices do not show online at same time, and GPRS interval is larger, let’s say 60 seconds, the server can support 40,000 devices at least.

Server Software Specifications:

  1. OS: it is recommended to use Windows 2008 or above (The rest can leave to us to do it)
  2. Database: SQL Server 2008 Enterprise Edition (need patch SP4) or above
  3. Need to install IIS7.0 or latest version
  4. Need to install .Net FrameWork 4.0

Note: step 3 and step 4 is needed for website

  1. When make Firewall setting, need to open TCP port 1433 and 60000, TCP/UDP port 8000,9000,6800,8800,etc

Software Demo Account


ID: Test

Password: 123123


How can I get GPS tracking software for my business?

To get GPS tracking software for your business, you need to follow some steps:

Find the right partner for your success. You need a reliable and experienced GPS tracking software provider. They can not only offer you a solid white-label software but also valuable experiences on how to start your own tracking business.

Decide your niche. You need to identify your target market and the type of tracking services you want to offer. You can track vehicles, bikes, boats, cargo, mobiles, people, pets, etc. You can also focus on specific industries, such as transportation, logistics, construction, etc

Choose between two white-label software solutions. You can either use a cloud-based software that is hosted on the provider’s server or a self-hosted software that is installed on your own server. The cloud-based software is more convenient and need to pay yearly charge, while the self-hosted software gives you data privacy and sort of customization.

Get full software branding. You need to customize the software with your own logo, design, domain name, and features. You can also request access to the API and source code for further development if you have technical teams.

Add tracking apps. You need to provide your customers with mobile apps that they can use to track their devices.

• Choose the right hardware. You need to select the GPS tracking devices that are compatible with your software and suit your customers’ needs. You can either buy them from the provider or from other vendors. Make sure that the hardware of other venderos is supported by the software.

• Create a professional website. You need to showcase your services and features on a website that attracts and converts visitors.

• Advertise on the right platforms. You need to promote your business and reach your potential customers through various channels, such as social media, email marketing, SEO, PPC, etc

By following these steps, you can get GPS tracking software for your business and start making profits.