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Thanks for visiting UniGuard-China GPS Tracking Device and Web Tracking System Supplier. Please feel free to contact us for questions, assistance or order, we will reply to you within 12 hours!

Our Products series:

  1. Wired Vehicle GPS Tracker
  2. Wireles Magnetic GPS Tracker
  3. Personal GPS Tracker
  4. Pet GPS Tracker
  5. Hidden Design GPS Tracker
  6. Solar GPS Tracker
  7. ID card GPS Tracker
  8. GPS Padlock
  9. GPS Speed Limiter
  10. GPS Tracking Software

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Official GPS Tracker Partner in Sierra Leone
Company: Afro Technology & Logistics (ATLSL)
Mobile: +23299 444 444

GPS Padlock Partner in Myanmar
Company: Myanmar Parama Technologies Co., Ltd.
Mobile: +95 9 770553388


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