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Best GPS Personal Tracking Device

Best GPS Tracking device for person and kids

Best Personal GPS tracker, thanks to the development of GPS tracking technology and the art of GPS manufacture, becomes more smaller and powerful compared to old type Big and Hard to Carry with the device.

GPS tracker for kids is available in the market and they are wearable. Keeping track of children is becoming much easier. A tracking device for kids is not just a real-time tracking and locating device, it is also a phone that children can talk to their parents and parents can monitor sounds around kids. More importantly, it does voice recording so even when parents have no time for real-time monitoring, they can hear what sound was around kids before.

Common Features of personal GPS tracking device:

1. Real-time location tracking and monitoring by Web and APP

2. History playback and Report

3. Remote voice monitoring around the device(Listen-in)

4. Remote voice recording around the device (new feature in 2020)

5. Geo-fence, Go and No-Go areas

6. SOS alert: One click to ask for help from preset phone numbers

7. Two-way speaking: One click to talk with preset phone numbers

8. Last but not least,  indiscoverable and hidden make it a best GPS personal tracker

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Personal GPS Tracking System Types:

1 Hidden Design GPS Tracker for kids:

Badge: Bage is a GPS locator with 2 parts attached together by magnets. Its round appearance is appealing to kids. The cartoon pictures make the device lovely and secret.

Button: Button is a hidden tracking device as well with a button appearance in the eye of other people. It is hard to think of as a GPS tracker, which in other way makes it perfect for kids’ security.  The magnet pin is also strong and cannot be removed without a magnet.

Keychain GPS Tracker: Keychain tracking device comes with an owl image and other images like bull or pig, also available.  It comes with a built-in SIM card and the SOS emergency button is in the middle of the device.

GPS Bracket: GPS Tracking bracelet is a 4G LTE personal tracking device. It is suitable for adults or the elder. The SOS buttons are large enough. The device is IP67 waterproof and it supports fall detection.

PG10: PG10 is a newly designed tracking device for remote voice monitoring and recording. It is small enough to be hidden in any place, like bags or cars.

hidden kids tracking device

Hidden Kids Tracking Device

Personal GPS Tracker
keychain gps tracker

Keychain GPS Tracker

Personal GPS Tracker
id card gps tracker

ID Card GPS Tracker

Personal GPS Tracker
gps bracelet

GPS Bracelet 4G

4g Tracker Personal GPS Tracker
spy gps tracker

Spy GPS Tracker PG10

Asset GPS Tracker Personal GPS Tracker

1.A small and compact design GPS Tracking unit

2.Support features like real time tracking, SOS, Geo-fence, Voice monitoring and recording, web tracking software and APP tracking

3.Designed for personal usage, easy to carry with and easy to hide

4.Long battery life


Real-time personal GPS tracking devices are a great way to ensure another person’s safety as they work by showing you exactly where the device is located at all times, using the technology of cellular transmitters.

For parents, they can track their children’s movement whenever it is needed. In case of emergency, parents can offer immediate help.

For children, they can monitor the elder when they are alone at home or going out, if they fall or if they lost their way, we can always give them a help and have a piece of mind.

For boss, they can track and monitor their workers position and traces, if they do not follow the task route. For those who work at dangerous areas, one click SOS button can ask for no-delay help.

The reasons to work with UniGuard are listed as below:

1.Better design

UniGuard gps personal tracker are specially designed for people usage, small in size, large in battery. The smallest personal gps locator B28 is almost same size as the coin.

2.Big battery

The most important feature of a people tracking device is its battery, which must last as longer as possible. GPS personal tracker is born to have a compact size, so is the battery, and the result is personal tracking device battery last only for 1 to 2 days at beginning. UniGuard uses imported LG polymer battery-higher quality and larger capacity to last 10 more days.

3.Voice Recording

Voice recording is a new feature of gps tracking device. Before end of 2019, GPS personal tracker only has remote voice monitoring. Once the preset admin number can call tracker sim, the locator shall answer automatically, so as to monitor voice around the tracking unit. With voice recording, personal gps location device shall automatically record voice and send back to app under certain conditions, like surround voice is loud or shock is detected.

4.Best stability

Stability is the most important value of a GPS Tracker. Our personal gps tracking device has passed CE and RoHs certificate. Each delivered gps tracker is under double test to ensure clients receive a well-functional device.

5.Best price

Due to high quality of our device, it is widely sold in the globe, which makes our raw material average purchasing cost lower than competitors, we are sure to come a mutual beneficial price with clients.

6.OEM and ODM

Due to our 10 years business in GPS tracker, we know what our clients need. Most clients do not need what you offer, they need a gps tracking device that suits well to his own market section, it could be logo redesign or casing redesign or function redevelop, none of these is a problem to us. We shall fix it.