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GPS Vehicle Tracker User Manual, Certificate


To keep GPS tracking software at its best performance, Individual or Client with only ONE vehicle, no need create Sub-account for them, they login the web tracking software or APP by Car Plate or Device ID. Sub-account is created only for clients with more than 2+ vehicles. Please each customer should be noted and correct the wrong created accounts!

For single vehicle client only!

No need create account. Once a device is added, it can login with either Asset Name (Normally Car Plate No.) or Device IMEI (Normally device ID).In below picture, Asset Name and Device ID act as IMEI login ID. IMEI Password can be edited anytime (Go device Asset Manage to edit this password)
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UniGuard GPS Tracker Catalog and Tracking Solutions Download

UniGuard Catalogue-2023

UniGuard GPS Solutions-2023

Real Web Tracking System User Manual

Web software User Manual

GPS Web Tracking Software Usage Videos

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GPS Tracker User Manual

2G GPS Tracking Device

UM552 GPS Tracker User Guide V1.0 (Upgraded version of UM555, Support working at Wialon and Guratm. Comamnd is: SERVER,0,,20281,0#)

UM555 GPS Tracker User Guide V1.0(Upgraded version of UM210 and UM720)

UM666 GPS Tracker User Guide V1.2(Upgraded verion of UM666A)

UM777 GPS Tracker User Guide V1.0 (Support Fuel, Temperature and Humidty accurate monitoring)

LK720 Relay GPS Tracker User Manual (2020 Version Can Support ACC detection)

BT01 Taillight Bike GPS Tracker User Manual (User manual for tail light bike GPS Tracker, added vibration calling alarm)

UT04S GPS Speed Limiter User Manual V5.4 (Manual for GPS speed limiter purhcased before September 2021)

UT04S Ethiopia Speed Limiter User Manual V6.2 (Manual for GPS speed limiter purchased after September 2021)

4G GPS Tracking Device

UT07 OBD GPS Tracker User Manual (OBD GPS Tracker, 4G version UT07L uses same manual.)

GL700 GPS Tracker User Guide V1.3 (10,000 mAh battery 4G GPS Tracker for Asia, Europe and Africa)

ID01 4G ID Card User Manual (4G Student ID card GPS Tracker)

4G GT06L USER MANUAL (4G wired GPS Tracker)

BT02 Bike Tracker User Manual (Bike GPS Tracker)

Phone APP Download

Search GPSPOS at IOS appstore and Googleplay.

Android Tracking APP


CE for GPS Tracker UT04, UT01, UM02, UT03, UT05 (Applied in 2014)

ROHS for GPS Tracker UT04, UT01, UM02, UT03, UT05 (Applied in 2014)

CE Certificate for GPS Tracker UM210, UM211, UM209, UM206 (Applied in 2017)

ROHS Certificate for GPS Tracker UM210, UM211, UM209, UM206 (Applied in 2017)

CE Certificate for Magnetic GPS Tracker UM666, UM660, UM209, UM02X, UM222 (Applied in 2018)

ROHS Certificate for Magnetic GPS Tracker UM666, UM660, UM209, UM02X, UM222 (Applied in 2018)

CE 2019 for Mini GPS Tracking Device UM720 (Applied in 2019)

ROHS 2019 for Mini GPS Tracking Device UM720 (Applied in 2019)

CE UT04S ROHS UT04S for GPS Speed Limiter UT04S (Renewed and Applied in 2021)

CE UM552 (UM552 has passed CE EN301489 EN301511 EN62479 EN62368 and ROHS. If need reports, please contact.)