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4G GPS Bracelet

GPS bracelet for senior people emergency tracking

gps bracelet

GPS Bracelet 4G

GPS bracelet is a combination of gps tracking device and bracelet. It is deigned for adults and elder people. It can be used as emergency tracing bracelet for senior people with Alzheimer and autism.

GPS tracking bracelet support monitoring of heart rate blood pressure and temperature detection, and all these information shall be sent to IOS/Android based tracking APP. Also, the APP has pill eating reminder, step counting and health management feature.

It is IP67 waterproof. The SOS button is large designed for easy and fast emergency call and help. Once click to start fast call in emergency.

With ringtone feature, it can be easily found if forgot at some place. Its battery is 1000 mah to last 7 to 10 days, and there is low power alarm to remind charging in time.

  1. 4G LTE + 2G GSM
  2. GPS + Beidou + WIFI +LBS position ways
  3. Heart rate, blood pressure and temperature detection
  4. Pill reminder, step counting and health management
  5. Waterproof level: IPX7
  6. Web platform/ Mobile App/ SMS commands check
  7. SOS button for help
  8. One clicks for a fast call
  9. Talking clock
  10. Low battery alarm
  11. Ringtone to find the bracelet
Version A bands combination
  4G-FDD Band 1/2/3/5/7/8
  4G-TDD Band 38/39/40/41
  2G-GSM Band 2/3/5/8
Version B bands combination
  4G-FDD Band 1/2/3/4/5/7/8/12/20/28A
  2G-GSM Band 2/3/5/8
GPS positioning accuracy 5-15m (open sky)
WIFI positioning accuracy 15-100m(Under WIFI range)
Working temperature -20℃ ~ +45℃
Working humidity 5% ~ 95% RH
Host size 65*42*20 mm
Host Net weight 73g
Box weight 176.5g
Battery capacity 1000mA
Standby Time 7 to 10 days
Package GPS bracelet, USB charging cable, Manual, Screw driver, Spare screws