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Solar GPS Tracker for cattle, herdsman, and wildlife

GPS tracker with solar panel to be charged by Sun

solar powered gps tracker v26

GPS Tracker with Solar Panel

The solar powered gps tracker V26 is a rugged design location device with a combination of a GPS tracking chip and solar surface panel. It is a smart self-powered GPS tracker with high accuracy GPS module and work a long time with sunlight charging. It can be used widely in fleet management, personal or company vehicles, leased vehicles and precious assets. GPS+LBS+WIFI positioning system enable accurate location tracking and real-time data updating to the server. The built-in 1500mah battery makes it last long, is small in size, and is competitive in price. The rugged deign makes it ideal for asset, vehicle and animals tracking and management.

Solar Charging

Integrated with a high-efficiency solar panel for charging as long as there is sunlight. Reduce charge frequency by charge.

Live Tracking

Real-time tracking of the device locations on the Web and APP. As well as playback the routes so as to increase dispatch efficiency.

Waterproof IP67

The device is built to work in harsh environments and still give a great performance. No need to worry sun or rain, it shall give you peace of mind.

Tamper Alarm

When the tracker is removed from its current location, the light sensor shall give an instant alert on APP.

Solar Powered GPS Tracker Applications

Use solar GPS Tracker for the container, trailer tracking, and animal tracking and management.

For Container Tracking

With strong manget bracket, it can attach firmly to outside part of container and donot go loose.

solar gps tracker for container

For Trailer Tracking

With strong manget bracket, it can attach firmly to trailer chasis and do not go loose

solar gps tracker for trailer

For Animal Tracking

The solar tracking device can be used for animals, including cats and dogs, cows and horses.

solar gps tracker for cow

Solar GPS Tracker Specifications

Items Specifications
Model V26
Internet 850/900/1800/1900 Mhz
GNSS details GPS and BeiDou and GLONASS

GPS location accuracy: 5m outdoor

WIFI position accuracy: 30M indoor

Speed accuracy: 0.1m/s

Cool start: -148dbm

Tracking sensitivity: -162dbm

Location Method GPS+LBS+WIFI
GNSS antenna 25*25*2 mm
Switch On/Off
3D G-sensor Support. For power saving control
Installation Rubber casing
SIM card Nano-SIM
Light GSM and GPS signal, as well flashing for finding device.
Speaker Built in, making sound alarm for finding device.
Charging Solar light or Magnetic USB charging
Battery Built-in rechargeable 1500mAh
Working current GPS+GSM ON: 90mA
AGPS Support
Size 65*50*17 mm
Weight 64g
Working temperature -30 to 75 °C
Storage temperature -40 to 90 °C

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What is the Tracking APP?

Tracking APP name is Anytracking at Google Play and AppStore. Anytracking is free to download.

Are there any monthly subscription charge to track?

Tracking APP and Software are both free to use. Each newly added device have 10 year lincense.

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