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Heavy Equipment Tracking

Bulldozer, Construction Truck, Crane, Tracking Solution

heavy equipment tracking

Heavy Equipment GPS Tracking

Heavy equipment refers to heavy-duty-vehicles, specially designed for executing construction tasks. They are also known as heavy machines, heavy trucks, construction equipment, engineering equipment, or heavy vehicles. Mostly seen heavy equipment are bulldozer, tractor, grader, excavator, dump truck, backhoe loader, crane, paver, construction and mining truck. Anyone of them is a big investment and they are often left at worksites unsupervised and vulnerable to theft. The fact is heavy equipment theft is rising! Moreover, is your heavy equipment idling, aggressive driving, fuel waste, unauthorized or rough use? The end is you have to pay more to operate and maintain them.

Heavy equipment trackingHeavy equipment tracking

Is there a tracking solution to avoid all problems and give peace of mind? Try UniGuard heavy equipment tracking solution. “How does GPS tracker monitor my heavy equipment?” It is same GPS tracking technology, which is also used to track cars, trucks, pets and people. With GPS tracking device installed on heavy equipment, the owner is capable of monitor, manage and track their assets 24/7, real time alerts, route tracking and theft prevention, as well download various reports, including idling report, working hours report, route deviation alarm, fuel consumption report, history playback and report.

Heavy equipment tracking benefits

  • Real time location tracking. No matter anytime GPS tracking system tells where the equipment is, even it is thousands of miles away
  • Real-time status display includes: Current Location, Running or Parked how much time, Speed, Engine Idle or not, Total Traveled Mileage, Remaining Fuel Volume
  • Real-time alarm and reports: Geo-fence, Over speed, Idle, Route deviation, Power Tamper, Fuel Theft
  • Emergency button in case driver needs help, like hijack
  • Remove voice monitoring to listen voice around the vehicle
  • Tw-way voice speaking if control center needs to call driver, vice versa.
  • Remote engine shut down if theft happens
  • Remote image monitoring to monitor driver action or environment around the equipment
  • Improve maintenance with detailed reports, mileage, engine on, off and idling hours
  • Detailed fuel consumption reports including fuel percentage, fuel volume, driving speed and travelled mileage
  • Not sure if the equipment is rented or cannot find it? Heavy equipment tracking device will tell you.
  • Always have a better plan for project by knowing each equipment status and location
  • Have all fleets at one map and know all the status

Reliable heavy equipment tracking system is worth your investment to any fleet managers. UniGuard heavy equipment tracking solution assists you in determining if more equipment is needed to buy, if the driver claim overtime than the fact, if the crane or bulldozer needs maintenance, if you need sell one of the assets, and much more.

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