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4G Car Charger GPS Tracker

A combination of GPS Tracker and Car Charger

4g car charger gps tracker

4G Car Charger Tracker CC02

What is 4G Car Charger GPS Tracker?

A car charger gps tracker is a device that can track the location, speed, and mileage  of a vehicle while also providing the USB port for charging phones or other electronic devices. It is usually plugged into the cigarette lighter socket of the car and can be hidden from the driver’s awareness. It uses SIMCOM7670 series 4G GSM module.

4G Car Charger GPS Tracker Features:

  1. GPS+LBS tracking: live tracking by APP, SMS, and GPS Tracking Software
  2. Plugged-out alarm: if gps tracker car charger is plugged out, there is an alarm at the APP and Web
  3. Dual charging port: Charger battery for your phone, tablet, and other electronics
  4. Hidden design: it is perfect for hidden gps tracking purposes
  5. Support alarm: over speed, geo-fence
  6. Support report: location report, history report, history playback, over speed alarm report, etc
  7. Remove voice monitoring: We can call the SIM inside the tracker, CC02 shall auto answer it and then we can hear voice around the device.
  8. 4G LTE GPS Tracker with builtin SIMCOM7670 series module for global usage

CC02 Charger Tracker Specifications:

Model 4G car charger gps tracker CC02
Working Voltage DC 9V-24V
Working current 12V/73.6 mA
Sleep current 12V/38.2 mA
Backup battery 130mA
GPS Chip AT6558R
GSM Frequency FDD-lTE: B1/B3/B5/B8

FDD-LTE: B1/B2/B3/B4/B5/B7/B8/B28/B6

GSM/Edge/2G: B3/B8

SIM card Micro SIM
Size 82.9*49.5*36 mm
Weight 40
Material ABS
Installation Cigarette lighter socket
USB 2 USB type A for charging
USB charge current 2.1A
Working temperature 20 + 70 ˚C
GPS accuracy 5m

Car Charger GPS Tracker CC02 is esay to use. We just need insert 4G SIM card into device, after putting on SIM cover, plug it into the cigarette light charger, we can start to track the vehicle real time online or APP.

YES. CC02 supports remote voice monitoring. The SIM must support VoLTE.