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School Bus Video Monitoring System

Monitor School bus real time by Video and Track real time location


School Bus Video Monitoring System

Real time school bus video monitoring system is the concern of all parents and any bad news shall shock the whole nation. To protect school bus and keep school bus safe is the major job, since it is to keep the students in the bus safe. Not just monitoring, UniGuard offers real time school bus video and position monitoring system.

school bus tracking system

School bus video monitoring System includes:

3G/4G vehicle mobile DVR with GPS feature


CMS (control management system)


School bus video monitoring system Functions:

  1. Voice monitoring

Vehicle mounted with DVR can do voice recording 4 Channels (possible to be 6 or 8 channels)

  1. GIS information management

From CMS, monitoring center can easily access car and mobile DVR status, route, fuel, speed, location, parking and driving, etc.

  1. Real time location monitoring

From CMS, monitoring center can get vehicle location, route and speed, as well as history playback.

  1. 2-way voice speaking, intercom

Through GSM internet, driver can talk with control center at same time.

  1. SOS button

If there is emergency, driver can press SOS button to ask for help. The alarm message shall be sent to monitoring center CMS software at once.

  1. Data storage

All video and voice data are stored locally on DVR either by SD card or HDD. As well, you can record videos remotely through CMS software and store at computer.

  1. System self-inspection

The 3G vehicle mobile DVR do self-inspection every day to make sure good performance.


3G/4G vehicle mobile DVR structure

3G/4G vehicle mobile DVR structure

Data transfer structure

Data transfer structure


Remotely monitoring structure

Remotely monitoring structure