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Tanker Truck Monitoring

Monitor Fuel of Tanker Truck-Cost Effective Solution


Tanker Truck Monitoring

Current market analysis

Tanker truck monitoring is important in fuel transpiration. However, Fuel transportation and movement of tanker trucks are not easy to be managed which in a way restricts the improvement of company profits. Things mostly focused in fuel transportation are: security, theft, robbery and invalid employee operations. Normal technology like car mounted DVR cannot effectively stop above actions. With development of 3G and 4G internet and GPS technology, a new method is used to control and manage tanker truck fuel transportation. The complete tanker truck monitoring solutions works as below: 3G/4G internet shall provide fast and real time connection with tanker truck, GPS technology makes real time tracking possible. 

Aim of Tanker Truck Monitoring

  1. Avoid fuel theft

With 3G/4G mobile DVR, manager board is able to view the tanker status remotely from CMS, real time video stream. With GPS module, it is easily to know the vehicle speed, location.

  1. Safety alarm

With SOS button, driver can send out SOS signal to manager board if help is needed. As well, the mobile DVR will supply a real time video to know what exactly is happening.

  1. Real time control

With PC monitoring program, manager board is able to know the real time location and tanker status.

  1. Over speed alarm

If there is any speeding action, manager board shall get noticed from CMS.

  1. Route deviation

If any vehicle goes beyond the preset routes, CMS shall give immediate alert.

  1. History playback

If there is any accident, we can arrive at the scene at first time. Also, history playback shall help us know more about the reason to cause accident.

  1. Report

Except CMS, users can view reports on web center, including speed report, location report, alarm report, etc.

We also offer fuel monitoring solution of normal oil tank with GPS tracker, Fuel sensor and Web monitoring center.

Tanker Truck fuel MonitoringTanker Truck fuel Monitoring

tanker truck fuel monitoring
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