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Fuel Monitoring System for tanks and trucks

Advanced Fuel Monitoring System

Diesel and fuel monitoring system for fleet trucks and tank with GPS Tracker

By In Blog On June 24, 2019

Looking for the best fuel monitoring system for truck or tanker? You find it!

Our 4th generation fuel monitoring system is proudly used by Shell in Malaysia and Pepsi in USA

4th generation fuel monitoring system advantages:

1 Fast and Easy sensor installation

Find the right place at tank top, drill a whole, install the sensor.

2 No need sensor calibration

Just install the sensor and connect it with GPS tracker

3 No need GPS tracker + Ultrasonic fuel sensor calibration

Once GPS tracker and fuel sensor is connected, job done. GPS tracker white wire links with ultrasonic fuel sensor green wire.

4 Support 2 sensor working at same time

If the truck has two tanks, user can connect 2 fuel sensor with 1 gps tracker. Both tank data shall display at web tracking software respectively and accurately

5 Advanced web tracking and monitoring software

User can track real time the fuel amount left in tank, check fuel filings, detect fuel theft ,etc.

6 Quality and Accuracy

This solution we promise GPS tracker with fuel sensor can work over 3 years without giving client any problem

Fuel monitoring system is designed for vehicle and tank fuel or diesel consumption monitoring real time online or app, so as to have a live view of current fuel amount and fuel theft alert, as well as in report of detailed fuel consumption, fuel fillings and fuel theft if there is any. Fuel monitoring system for trucks and tank includes mainly 3 parts: GPS tracker with Fuel Monitoring, Web Tracking Software, Fuel Sensor.

Current truck and tank fuel monitoring system includes also 3 types

1 GPS tracker + fuel level sensor (Lower cost)

Fuel level sensor is a kind of probe inserted into tank to monitor fuel level height. With amount changes, height changes, so the fuel sensor output signal will change, which GPS tracker receives, sent to Web tracking software. With detailed math work, it shows at web tracking software in terms of Fuel Amount. Fuel sensor output signal has 3 types: voltage, or resistance or RS232.

2 GPS tracker + capacitance fuel sensor (Medium cost)

Capacitive Fuel Sensor
The differences between capacitance fuel sensor and fuel level sensor are that

A capacitance fuel sensor is more accurate in detecting height changes, the accuracy is 1mm

B capacitance fuel sensor can be cut into different lengths to suit the tank height. Surely it needs calibration after cutting.

Both above mentioned fuel sensor will need drill hole on tank to be installed.

3 GPS tracker + ultrasonic fuel sensor (Higher cost)
ultrasonic fuel sensor

The differences between ultrasonic fuel sensor and above sensors are that:

A Ultrasonic fuel sensor is more accurate in monitoring height, the accuracy is 0.1mm

B Ultrasonic sensor installation does not need tank drill. It is installed under the bottom of tank

UniGuard have offered all the above-mentioned solutions for the past 8 years. Per the selling record, GPS tracker + ultrasonic fuel sensor takes the first place because its accuracy and no need tank drilling.

UniGuard has offered 3 generations of ultrasonic fuel monitoring sensor, you can check below videos to find the installation details.
ultrasonic fuel sesor

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aK80b7BuBUc type 2

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4rpDJk7ky-M type 3

Finally, we have a better fuel monitoring system now!

GPS tracker + Ultrasonic fuel monitoring sensor (4th generation)

fuel monitoring system

FAQ about 4th generation fuel monitoring system:

1 Why need drilling hole?

Drilling a hole with screws makes installation firm and robust. Sensor will never go loose during the travel on rugged roads. In fact usage, the trucks always run at uneven and rough roads.

2 Why the sensor is installed on top of the tank?

It is because of the sensor working theory is completely different. The old type of ultrasonic sensor is installed under the tank bottom to measure the left fuel amount height, the new type of sensor is installed on tank top to measure the height from tank top to remaining fuel level.

There are 3 advantages

A Sensor protection

Under the tank bottom, the tank might hit the road whiling running on rugged road, which shall either make sensor head loose or destroy the sensor head. The new sensor head in inside the tank, so it is well protected.

B Installation for storage tank

For storage or ground tank, there is no bottom to install the sensor.

C Sensor accuracy

Compared to fuel level sensor or capacitance fuel sensor, fuel or diesel will corrode them after years of usage, they shall become inaccurate or fail to work. The new ultrasonic sensor is not immersed in fuel or diesel, so it can always give accurate fuel monitoring.

Below are the fuel monitoring reports on web tracking software and APP

fuel monitoring system

fuel monitoring system

About detailed fuel monitoring system solution details, please click below to download, including device specifications and price quotation.

Fleet Management Solution

Fuel Monitoring Report

If you need more details about the most accurate and easy fuel monitoring system for trucks and tank, please contact [email protected]


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