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Advantages of OBD GPS Tracker

OBD GPS tracker with vehicle fuel monitoring

Advantages of OBD GPS Tracker

By In Blog On February 16, 2017

GPS tracker is used for remote tracking, locating and monitoring of people, vehicle, assets and pets, etc. For vehicle tracker, there are metal ones with external antennas, plastic ones with built in antennas, and Plug N Play OBDii gps tracker device.
obd gps tracker

What are the advantages of OBD GPS tracker?

Fault Diagnosis
obd gps tracker
OBD gps tracker can offer numerous on vehicle system scan and detection, so as to have an clear view of vehicle current status and avoid danger in advance.

Smart Management
obd gps tracker
Real time tracking of vehicle current location and status, Store records of all trips, Manage all reports on web tracking software or phone base applications.

Fuel Consumption Monitoring
obd gps tracker
Record every trip and give an analysis of fuel consumption of each trip, with history location report, fleet management center can know where and when the fuel is consumed exactly.

Fault Alarm
obd gps tracker
OBD GPS tracker will give below detected alarms: over speed alarm, fault alarm, harsh acceleration alarm, harsh braking alarm, car battery low alarm, water high alarm, bad driving behavior analysis, which accumulate to improve driving quality and safety.

Anti-theft Tracking
obd gps tracker
Whenever you want to know the vehicle current location, just login the web tracking software or tracking application or send SMS command to query OBD gps tracker current location, which is helpful in case of emergency or vehicle stolen.

Optimize Driving
obd gps tracker
Harsh acceleration, braking and turn shall be sent to web tracking software in real time via OBD gps tracker, so as to remind the fleet management center if the driver is flowing the rules, optimize future driving behavior, and improving driving safety.

Fast Installation
obd gps tracker
OBDII gps tracker is easy to install without any engineering technics needed. Find the right OBD port under wheel and plug the device on it.

To know more features, please check OBDII GPS Tracker.

Demo of OBD Report on Web Tracking Software,click to download:
OBD History Report

OBD Trip history Report

OBD read data display on APP

obdii gps trackerobdii gps tracker

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