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Anti-Jammer GPS Tracker

By In Blog On December 2, 2016

Anti-Jammer GPS Tracker

What is GPS Jammer?
In Wikipedia, it is called Mobile Phone Jammer, which is an instrument used to prevent cellular phones from receiving signals from base stations. When used the jammer effectively disables cellular phones.

In GPS.GOV, Jamming devices are radio frequency transmitters that intentionally block, jam or interfere with lawful communications, such as cell phone calls, text messages, GPS systems, and Wi-Fi networks. (Jammers are illegal to market, sell or use in the United States.)

anti-jammer gps tracker

What is the connection of Jammer and GPS tracker?

The full name of GPS tracker is GSM GPRS SMS GPS Tracking System or 3G/4G GPRS SMS GPS Tracking System, and some uses WIFI signal, which is quite clearly that GPS tracker cannot function well or even cannot work if there is no GPS, GSM, SMS,3G, 4G either WIFI signal. The jammers put out radio signals at the same frequency at the Global Positioning System (GPS) satellites, overwhelming the timing signal that in-car devices use to plot their position, then the GPS tracker disappears from the radar.

Clearly, the jammer is a thing to interfere with the function of GPS tracker and eventually terminate the GPS tracker.

Who uses Jammer most when it matters GPS tracker?

1.Vehicle thieves who want to steal vehicles and keep the vehicle from tracking

2.Drivers who does not want to be monitored or get rid of charges based on GPS

3.Private car owners who pay by installment, they want privacy.

Who hates Jammer most?

1.Companies that wholesale or install GPS tracker

2.Banks and insurance companies that who learned money for people to buy cars.

3.Company managers who want to monitor their vehicle traces and status

Now comes to the point: Is there Anti-Jammer GPS Tracker?

Below are the ideas to make Anti-jammer GPS tracker

  1. Use 3G GPS Tracking device

Mobile or portable jammers have a limited working range. 3G and 4G GPS tracker has a better resistance to the jammer. Per real test, in 1 meter distance with jammer, 3G GPS tracker can still perform. 4G GPS tracking device is rare in the market and the cost will be too high to market. Normally the widely used 3G GPS tracker uses WCDMA band.

  1. Use GPS tracker that cannot be shielded

The jammer works only if there is signal either GPS or GSM. If there is no signal, the jammers shield nothing. However, if there is no signal, how the GPS tracker works? Here we mean a GPS tracker that can sleep and does not communicate with either web tracking server or GPS satellites frequently. It wakes up one time every day to report a signal. This kind of GPS tracker does not need installation or wire connection. Just hide it in the proper place, it can work upto 2 to 3 years without charging. There is rare possibility that a thief would place a jammer inside the car forever which will add the investment in stealing. Users can refer to our GPS tracker UM02X

  1. Use fake GPS tracker

Install more than one GPS tracker in the vehicle to cheat the thief. 

  1. Remove tracker will disable the vehicle

In certain ways of connection, when the thieve removes GPS Tracker, the vehicle engine shall be disabled. It will cost too much time for the thieve to get engine back to work before they get caught.

It is sad to see some companies sell GPS tracker and Jammer at same time! And most jammers are exported from China. It is also illegal to use Jammer in China without government authorization.

anti-jammer gps tracker

UniGuard Portable Mini Size anti-jammer GPS Tracker UM660 with 2 years battery gets the stolen vehicle recovered. Jammer will not work.

Details as below: The client lost one Mercedes Benz Actros though many different GPS trackers are installed on the vehicle, the Benz got stolen with all GPS tracking devices removed.

anti-jammer gps tracker
Feedback: The stolen vehicle got recovered with GPS Tracker UM660 which reports only 1 point 1 day and it was installed hidden that it is the only unit uninstalled and at last located the stolen vehicle.
anti-jammer gps tracker

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