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Capacitive Fuel Sensor

Capacitive Fuel Sensor for Vehicle Fuel Monitoring

Capacitive Fuel Sensor

By In Blog On August 5, 2014

Capacitive Fuel Sensor length can be trimmed to fit tanks of varying heights. With capacitance as the sensing element, CLS (Capacitive Liquid Sensor) sensor series continuously detects the fuel level with resolution less than 1mm. It serves as an excellent solution for GPS fuel tracking applications with its high resolution. With a wide range of power input, and easily adjustable length, Capacitive Fuel Sensor is easy to setup and works for a wide range of applications.

1. Capacitive Fuel Sensor Technical Specifications:

Sensor length 200~ 1500mm
Resolution ≤1mm
Power supply DC10V ~ 32V
Operating current < 15mA
Material of the tubes Aluminum Alloy
Application environment diesel, biodiesel, gasoline
Protection rank IP65
Output Voltage

 2. Capacitive Fuel Sensor Mode of connection:

Capacitive Fuel Sensor

Pin1: VCC;

Pin2: Output (0.5~4.5V or 0~5V);

Pin3: GND;

Pin4: Connect to calibrator;

Pin5: Connect to calibrator;

Pin6: Connect to calibrator;

3. Capacitive Fuel Sensor Calibrator:

A calibrator could be used with multiple sensors. Requires 12V/ 23A battery.

Red light is the power light. If the light isn’t on when turned on, battery replacement is needed; Green light is the calibration light. Full/ Empty button is showed in above picture.

Note: Calibration is necessary before using the sensor due to different fuel types;

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