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Car Charger GPS Tracker

Cigarette lighter hidden gps tracking device for car

Car Charger GPS Tracker

By In Blog On July 8, 2019

Car charger gps tracker is a combination of gps tracking device with cigarette lighter, so it is called cigarette lighter gps tracker as well. It is one of the most creative gps tracking device for car. It is designed and built to track car hidden without knowing it is a GPS tracking device, not to mention voice monitoring and recording.

car charger gps trackercar charger gps tracker

Car Charger GPS Tracker Specification:

Item Specification
Model Cigarette Lighter GPS Tracker
GSM Frequency 850/900/1800/1900Mhz
GPRS Standard Class 12, TCP/IP
Working Temp. 20℃ ~ +70℃
Working Humidity 5% ~ 95% RH
Dimension 9.6*3.3*2.1 mm
Weight 24g
Battery 260mAh
GPS Chipset MT6261
GPS Accuracy 5~15m
Standby Current 0.5mA
Average Current 2.5mA
GSM Antenna FPC
Material ABS

Car Charger GPS Tracker Features:

1 Real time tracking by Web and APP: User can login web tracking software and phone application track respectively their own vehicle.

2 Remote voice monitoring: Command device to call back, so as to start remote voice listening.

3 Remote voice recording:Command from APP to let device record a 20″ voice and send on APP.

4 Vehicle shock alarm: Set 3 level vibration sensitivity and send shock alarm on APP.

5 History playback: Playback the histories of pass traces on APP and Web.

6 Geo-fence: Setup a fence area, once vehicle move out of the fence, there is instant alarm on APP.

7 5A output voltage as a car charger: Work as a phone USB charger with fast charging current.

8 Hidden gps tracker for car: Just connect it to car cigarette charger, no one know it is a GPS tracking device

9 Plug N Play: No need wire installation.

Car Charger GPS Tracker SMS commands list:

Command Function Example
at^param=? Check parameters of device at^param=?
at^ip=IP,Port Setup IP and Port at^ip=,8800
at^lz=1,Time Setup device timezone at^lz=1,+8
at^apn=APN,plmn Setup SIM APN at^apn=cmnet
at^SOS=2,1,Tel,2,Tel Setup SOS number at^sos=2,1,1888888888
at^up=600 Setup GPRS interval
123 Query location
at^factory=1 Restore device
at^reboot=1 Restart device
at^gesnsor=level Set Shock Sensitivity at^gsensor=0, close

at^gsensor=1, high

at^gsensor=2, middle

at^gsensor=3, low

at^save=0 or 1 or 2 Setup power save mode at^save=0, close

at^save=1, super save

at^save=2, turn off at night

at^vibr=1 or 0 Setup smart voice recording at^vibr=1, turn on

at^vibr=0, turn off

car charger gps tracker
car charger gps trackercar charger gps tracker

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