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5 Tips to find a good China GPS Tracker Supplier

5 Tips to find China GPS Tracker Supplier

By In Blog On April 15, 2014

In China market, there are tons of options when you want to find a trustable and helpful China GPS Tracker Supplier. It is true that too many choices might mean no choice. To find a good supplier from thousands of GPS tracker supplier in China is a time and energy consuming job. A few tips for buyers can help you reduce the number of options. Following tips should be helpful for you to find the GPS tracking supplier from China

1 GPS Tracker and GSM tracker

There are 2 kinds of GSM tracking devices in market. One is called GSM tracker, the other is GPS tracker short for GPS GSM GPRS Tracker which is normally recommended and hot. GSM tracker is mainly composed of GSM module, while GPS tracker has both GPS and GSM module. GSM tracking device uses GSM base stations to locate and track, GPS tracking device uses primarily GPS satellites to track and locate and GSM base stations is used only at GPS blind areas. In a word, GSM tracking system is much cheaper and not accurate, compared to GPS tracking system.

2 GPS Tracker Types

GPS Tracker mainly includes following types: GPS Vehicle Tracker, GPS Assets Tracker, GPS Personal Tracker, and GPS Pet Tracker. Focus on the type of GPS tracker you need only.

Normally GPS vehicle tracker working voltage ranges from 9V to 32V, and GPS personal tracker works at DC 5V. GPS Vehicle tracker can works on all kinds of vehicles. What make the difference when comes to install a GPS tracker on truck then on a car? A car voltage is 12V while a truck voltage is 24V. The difference is the relay which used to immobilize vehicle via either cutting fuel or electricity. Relay has 2 types: 12V and 24V.

3 Web Tracking Service

Web tracking service is important for bulk fleet track, locate, control and manage, which saves time and trouble to check device by device via SMS command. Users just need login the web tracking system with 1 account and then can see all devices.

Web tracking system functions are also important, so you can have a clear and full view of vehicle details, such as history playback, SOS alarm report, Over speed alarm report, Daily or Weekly Report, Vehicle Idle report, Vehicle Driving Report, etc. A professional GPS tracker supplier should able to offer full functional and user friendly web tracking service

Most crucial factor you will consider is if the web tracking service is free or not. If it is not free, what will be the daily or monthly or yearly charge. Also if the China GPS tracker supplier can offer customized web tracking service or not.

4 Certificates

Certificates for GPS tracker are important to know the quality of devices. Normally the certificates are CE, RoHS, and FCC. CE is for European market and FCC is for America. What’s more, the core components GPS module and GSM module should also have certificates too.

5 Technology and Supports

Except price, there are no other factors more important then technology and support that can ensure a good and qualified GPS tracker supplier. Although GPS technology becomes accessible for everyday use, it does say that all suppliers are qualified with technology and supports. There are always such kinds of problems: GPS tracker goes bad after a month or GPS cannot work at all or The seller does not offer after sale service, etc. You need keep an very careful eye on the supplier’s markets and projects, as well as customizations. All these will give you a clear idea what the China GPS tracker supplier is capable of and how fast can they revert.

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