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China GPS Tracker

Not All China GPS Tracker are quilified

China GPS Tracker

By In Blog On April 7, 2014

Below is a picture the returned units by one client. The third one is our mini GPS tracker UM02. The 3 GPS tracker has just a very little difference that it is hard for you to distinguish each other if you do not know them clearly.

China GPS Tracker

Functions: The first GPS tracker has limited tracking functions as it has only 2 wires for power supply. The second one has same functions like UM02-tracking and engine cut or SOS button alarm.

Components: It is hardly to tell what Module the tracker uses. No brand or any Logo on it. The second one use Quetel GSM module. UM02 use SIM900 GSM module.

Power lines: The first tracker uses 1 normal power lines without any high voltage protection. The second one power line has fuse to protect tracker. UM02 not only has fuse but also the line is water proof.

Batteries: The first tracker has no backup battery. The second tracker and UM02 have a back up battery.

The first one must be the cheapest GPS tracker compared to the other 2. But is it really cheap? It is only cheap in unit price. There are more extra charges like freight, taxes, clearance, replace/repair travel cost, freight for returned units which are all shoulder by clients and whose costs are even higher then tracker in some countries.

Fierce local competition at buyer’s place leads to fiercer competition at supplier’s place, vise versa. Price competition always exists. Do you know how much will cost for a tracker installation in China? It used to be 250 to 500 USD, at which time people are making big money. Now you can see cheap GPS tracker everywhere at online stores. The cheapest GPS GSM GPRS tracker price is as low as 20 USD, not to mention the GSM based tracking device. Off course, there is yearly web system charge. Also, we can take LED as an example, a 15W led bulb can be as cheap as 1 USD and with freight included. How much will cost you for shipping 1KG in China? It will take you at least 8 RMB=1.5 USD. You never know how the seller makes money! There is no lowest price but always lower price.

China is a country flooded with various devices ranging from 100+ USD to 20- USD, which is a huge difference. Why you can always find cheaper GPS tracker?

Reason 1: In China, especially the electronic center Shenzhen, there are hundreds of solution providers who are mainly composed of technical engineers and sales with few workers to keep lower cost of production.


Reason 2: In China, there are always cheaper things. Components used to manufacture tracker price also have big ranges. Take 3 main components as example:

  1. GPS module. It is known to all that the world best GPS module is supplied by SIRF Technology. There are also cheaper suppliers in and out China, like MTK, SKYLAB, MSTAR, etc. Some suppliers will even use second-hand modules to produce tracker.
  2. GSM module. Inside Made-in-China GPS tracker SIMCOM GSM module is the widely used one, used to be SIM340/300, now is SIM900A/D. There are also others Like Simens, Wavecom, Huawei, Quectel, MTK, etc. We have mentioned MTK twice, why? As MTK module has both GPS and GSM chip. MTK module is widely used in China to produce copied phones or tablets.
  3. Battery. Battery price depends on capacity, type, and charging times. Normally Li-lion battery is widely used. Some suppliers will use normal charging battery and smaller capacity batteries, which cannot sustain continuous charging and long standby time. Low quality battery will explode and it is extremely dangerous! 

Reason 3: Online tracking platform. Platforms with less functions are cheaper then more functional ones. Our web system has totally 19 functions more than just tracking and history playback or report. Also, we supply Android APP and PC based tracking program.

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