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Customized Web Tracking System and Software

A Web Tracking System and Software with your Domain and Logo

Customized Web Tracking System

By In Blog On April 17, 2014

web tracking system

Recently, there are clients asking: Can I have my own customized web tracking system with my domain and logo? As your tracking web GPSPOS will expose UniGuard to my clients, and provide them a chance to go over me. This is not good for my business.

We have thought of this the first time we start to cooperate with each client. As far as now, there are 2 solutions:

Realtime Web Tracking System IP login

GPSPOS ID test Password 123123

Do you charge for customized web tracking system? As most companies will charge for this kind of service. Do not worry. This service is FREE. Proving that client offer:

1.A domain or sub-domain.

2.Point the domain or sub-domain to our server IP

3.LOGO: 130*43,format png
Login background: 1920*1080 Full Screen,format JPG

4.MOQ 50 pcs, clients who have bought at least 50 pcs (GPS vehicle tracking devices, including model UT01 UM02 UT03 UT04 UT05 UT06) from UniGuard can enjoy this service free.

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