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New GPS Tracking System

New GPS Web Tracking Software for bulk fleet management

Fleet Management Software

By In Blog On March 25, 2014

Fleet Management Software ( is fully updated with the latest functions and a user-friendly interface.

The following are the updated functions of the new fleet management software for reference.
fleet management software

1. Real-time tracking one device

2. Real-time tracking all devices

3. History location playback and report

4. Polygon Geo-fencing alarm (10 leaving and 10 arriving areas)

5. SOS alarm report

6. Over speed alarm report

7. External power cut alarm report

8. Mileage calculation report

9. Fuel consumption monitoring Graph

10. Image monitoring

11. ACC detection report

12. Send commands to tracker online (update SOS number/GPRS interval/Restart)

13. GSM base station tracking when no GPS signal

14. Vehicle Engine Idle report

15. Vehicle Stop report

16. RFID Driver Report

17. All reports can be printed or exported to Excel

18. Temperature monitoring and report

19. Vehicle and Client accounts management

20.108 languages and other languages adding available

UniGuard can offer customized login pages and domains for clients to manage their tracking pages. More professional. You can check the demo tracking software page.

Why UniGuard GPS tracking software is suggested?

1 Free access for all clients. There are no monthly or yearly subscription charges. The yearly platform access cost in the market is up to 50 USD per year per device.

2 We offer admin access for all clients. They can create unique accounts for their customers. Each customer can only view and manage their GPS trackers.

3 We offer online and video training for all clients. Let them learn the usage of our software fast.

4 We offer immediate help to all of our clients by email, call, or WhatsApp.

5 Our web tracking platform supports GPS tracking devices from other companies, including Coban TK103 and GPS303, Concox GT06, and GT06N, Meitrack, Vjoycar, Seeworld, EElink Tk119, etc.

6 We offer software customization per clients’ feedback and requests. We do all efforts to make our software perfect for usage and distribution in the market.

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