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Vehicle Fuel Monitoring Calibration

Vehicle Fuel Monitoring Calibration on new GPS Tracking Software

Vehicle Fuel Monitoring Theory and Calibration

By In Blog On April 12, 2016

Just after the latest updates on GPS web tracking software about Alarm management and Offline devices management, UniGuard update the fuel calibration to enable more accurate vehicle fuel monitoring.

ultrasonic fuel sensorcold chain monitoring device

First, let’s have a view about how UniGuard vehicle fuel monitoring solution works. To monitor vehicle fuel monitoring, three things are needed: GPS fuel tracker UT04, Fuel sensor (fuel level sensor, capacitive fuel sensor, ultrasonic fuel sensor), and GPS web tracking software.

  1. Fuel sensor. Fuel sensor is installed in vehicle tank so as to monitor the fuel change, and send the fuel data to GPS Tracker. Here we need the tanker Depth, not volume, so as to decide the suitable sensor. Ultrasonic sensor measure range is 3.5cm to 200CM, adjustable with LED display tool.
  2. GPS Tracker, GPS fuel tracker is used to receive fuel data from Fuel sensor, then send the data to GPS web tracking software.
  3. GPS web tracking software – It receives data from GPS tracker, after some logical math, it displays vehicle fuel consumption details in Report format.

Signal transmitted between GPS tracker and Fuel sensor by Voltage. When fuel amount changes, the voltage changes.

Fuel sensor sends the detected voltage value to GPS tracker. If there is abnormal fuel usage, the voltage change will be large and sudden. Then we consider it as fuel abnormal usage and GPS tracker sends out alarm message.

Fuel monitoring theory after updates:

Fuel calibration is required.

User needs to send SMS command to tracker to get the correct reading value and fill the value with fuel amount to web tracking software IN ORDER.

Fuel calibration steps (Read the Important Notice First!!!!):

  1. Connect GPS fuel tracker UT04 fuel check line to sensor signal output wire correctly.
  2. Stop vehicle at a place with good signal. Go to dashboard to check how much fuel is left in Percentage. If 80% fuel is left, TURN ON ACC, send command A000000,017,80 Tracker will reply a message like (80,XX) XX is a measure value. It must be recorded.
  3. Add or reduce fuel. If fuel then is 60% left, TRUN ON ACC, send command A000000,017,60 Tracker will reply a message like (80,XX) XX is a measure value. IT must be recorded.
  4. Add or Reduce fuel. If fuel then is 30% left, TURN ON ACC, send command A000000,017,30 Tracker will reply a message like (30,XX) XX is a measure value. IT must be recorded.
  5. Add or Reduce fuel. If fuel then is 10% left, TURN ON ACC, send command A000000,017,10 Tracker will reply a message like (10,XX) XX is a measure value. IT must be recorded. 

You can add as many calibration data as you need. The calibration data must be filled in order, otherwise it will cause disorder of fuel monitoring in system.

Important Notice:

  1. Add fuel every 15 minutes at least, the ultrasonic sensor and GPS tracker both needs time to react on the change.
  2. Fill data in order means adding fuel from zero to full.
  3. Real Fuel Level and Current Fuel Level (For example, send command A000000,017,100, Replay is (100, 103), 100 is Real Fuel Level, 103 is Current Fuel Level)


gps fuel monitoring

gps fuel monitoring

Test by client about the vehicle fuel  monitoring

vehicle fuel monitoring


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