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Fuel Sensor for GPS Tracker

Fuel Level Sensor,Capacitive Fuel Sensor, Ultrasonic Fuel Sensor

Fuel Sensor for GPS Tracker

By In Blog On July 28, 2014

Fuel Sensor for GPS Tracker
UniGuard offers 3 types fuel monitoring sensors for vehicle fuel monitoring and fuel anti-theft.

Fuel Level Sensor

Fuel level sensor is widely used for fuel reading from vehicle and the data is sent to server via GPS Fuel Tracker UT04. With fuel sensor, user is able to know fuel consumption via the fuel monitoring graph, as well as to avoid fuel theft and fuel abnormal usage.


Ultrasonic Fuel Sensor
ultrasonic fuel sensor

Ultrasonic fuel sensor is the most accurate fuel sensor up to 0.2 mm via RS232 connection. No contact with oil/gasoline and No need drill.


Capacitive Fuel Sensor

Capacitive fuel sensor accuracy is 1mm, and it can be cut to suit different fuel tanks. Its accuracy is much better than normal fuel level sensor.

Does the ultrasonic fuel level sensor work with Teltonika GPS Tracker?

We have tested our sensor with Teltonika FMB125 GPS Tracker and it works excellently. You can config the sensor on Teltonika computer firmware. Choose the Sensor Model Name UL212.

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