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Fuel Anti-theft and Consumption Monitoring

Fuel monitoring system for trucks and generators

Fuel Theft Monitoring System

By In Blog On February 2, 2018

Fuel theft monitoring device is a real time fuel monitoring system to help monitor fuel consumption, manage fuel efficiency, and prevent fuel siphoning and theft of vehicles, trucks, tanks and generators. The ultimate fuel management purpose is to save company cost in fuel investment, either fuel usage or fuel transportation.

gps fuel monitoring

How Fuel Theft Monitoring Device works with GPS Tracker?

Fuel consumption monitoring system is composed of GPS Tracker, Fuel Sensor and Web/APP real time monitoring center. Fuel sensor is installed into or under tank so as to get the fuel or liquid height data, and send this height data in form of analog voltage output to GPS tracker UT04, GPS tracker sends the data to real time web monitoring center. Meanwhile users shall do several fuel monitoring calibration on software so as to enable web software show accurate fuel consumption details

Fuel monitoring sensor mainly have 3 types:

  1. Float sensor. Float fuel sensor monitor fuel height with float that fuel level changes then float position changes, then the output voltage changes. Float fuel sensor liquid height measure accuracy is 10mm. Float sensor working length is from 30CM to 2000CM and its price is the lowest.
  2. Capacitance fuel sensor. Capacitance fuel sensor is a more accurate fuel monitoring sensor with accuracy of 1mm and the length of it is adjustable (cuttable) according to different tank depth. Calibration is required after cutting. Capacitive fuel sensor working length is from 30CM to 2000CM and its price is higher.
    Capacitive Fuel Sensor
  3. Ultrasonic fuel sensor. Ultrasonic fuel sensor is now the most accurate fuel monitoring sensor in market also most expensive one that it gives height error at 0.2mm. Beside good accuracy, its installation is perfect that does not ruin the tank, which is installed under the bottom of tank and does not require hole drilling into the tank compared to the above mentioned 2 sensors. Here you can find ultrasonic fuel sensor installation manual. Ultrasonic fuel sensor working length is from 10CM to 2000CM and its cost is much higher.
    ultrasonic fuel sensor

GPS Tracker is a tracking gadget that supports SMS GPRS and GPS so as to collect real time data from fuel sensor, and then send the data to web monitoring center, including position, speed, address and fuel data. Considering the harsh usage environment and GPS tracker performance stability, here we refer GPS Fuel Tracker UT04. Vehicle fuel monitoring GPS Tracker UT04 is an advanced and multifunction GPS tracking device that uses latest SIMCOM800 GSM chipset and SIRF III GPS chipset. With robust design and external antennas, it can work at harsh environment and provide excellent data transmission between vehicle and web monitoring center.

Web monitoring center is a cloud based real time tracking, monitoring and management center that displays data sent from GPS tracker, including fuel, position, address, alarm, speed, and direction, etc. UniGuard web monitoring center is DEMOGPS with login ID TEST Password 123123

What normal Fuel Theft Monitoring Solution Offers?

The route to Fuel Savings

Vehicle fuel monitoring solution not only gives data of how much fuel is consumed per distance, but also gives you detailed daily trip details and history report/playback, from which the management can easily know if the driver uses company vehicle for personal usage or take a direct pass or detour. Efficient routing is enabled on the web tracking software by Google Map so that the management can easily distinguish the suggested route and employee driving route.

Ensure fuel efficient driving behaviors

Negative driving behaviors like speeding burns fuel and the money in the company pocket. The management can easily setup speed limit to each vehicle, and over speed alarms shall be immediately displayed on web tracking center with red alert, also there are over speed reports for future reference.

Know where the fuel is used

With numerous reports, the management easily get insight to all the fuel expenses. Reports includes:

  • Idle Report- helps reduce fuel expenses and consumption
  • Start/Stop Report- helps know where the route starts and ends
  • Detailed Activity Report- helps find exactly where the vehicle has gone to and how much time is spent there
  • Fuel Consumption Report- get a clear view of how much fuel is consumed and at what speed the vehicle is driving, also how many mileage is covered during the period

All these reports are available in Excel or Word output.

Where is fuel siphon or theft prevention?

You do not see it. 90% companies offer fuel consumption monitoring solution for vehicles, trucks, tankers and generators, while not 99% of them offer fuel siphon or theft prevention system, here I mean a system that can give you When, Where and Who steals the fuel so as to offer these proof to the court.

How UniGuard fuel theft prevention system works?
fuel theft monitoring system

  1. WHEN-Real time fuel theft alert

As mentioned above, fuel sensor keeps monitoring the fuel height so as to give real-time analog voltage output. When fuel amount dramatically decreases GPS tracker shall send immediate alert message on Web and also Text alert to the preset cellphone. Dramatically decrease here means 10% is lost in 1 minute, which means this moment the theft happens, the next minute you comes to know it.

  1. WHERE-The location when fuel theft happens

With real time web monitoring center and real time alert, the management is easy to lock the current theft case location.

  1. WHO-The person who steal phone with clear images

An ultrasound distance sensor shall be installed at right position and is connected with GPS tracker UT04, and when someone tries to approach the tank at certain distance (e.g. 50CM), distance sensor shall send message to GPS tracker, GPS Tracker shall command Camera to take continuous pictures and send to web tracking center.
fuel consumption monitoring

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