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GPS camera tracker helps driver management

GPS Camera Tracker

By In Blog On June 27, 2014

GPS tracker, mainly composed of GPS module, GSM module, and CPU, etc is used for remote and wireless tracking, monitoring, and management. UniGuard GPS Camera Tracker UT04 is capable of taking photos with a 300,000 pixels digital camera connected via RS232 port. The taken photos are sent to server via GPRS data packet, so as to enable remote images at web monitoring software by clients worldwide.

Compared to normal GPS tracker, GPS Camera tracker with image monitoring can help record visions and actions inside or outside vehicle, improve driver performance, and increase driving security, so as to greatly improve driver management.

Questions about GPS camera tracker UT04:

1 At what conditions will the camera start to take a picture?

Every time when vehicle engine turns on and turns off, GPS camera tracker will automatically take a picture. Clearly it is to know who and when drivers the vehicle, with help of history report, you can know exactly where drive happened.

2 Can the GPS camera tracker take photos at preset interval?

Our engineer has written new program to make this possible. GPS camera tracker will automatically take photos at preset interval when vehicle engine turns on, so as to monitor all the way driving behavior. Command details as below:

XX=0 Close Camera
XX=1 Open Camera
XX=5 to 700, Take camera at intervals. unit is minute.
Send A000000,019,0 Camera turn off (Default)
Send A000000,019,1 Camera will turn on
Send A000000,019,10 Tracker will take photos every 10 minutes. ACC must be at ON state

3 What is the picture size?

Each monitoring picture size is from 8 kilobytes to 14 kilobytes. Picture quality is effected by local GPRS internet speed.

4 Can the camera work at night?

The digital camera has IR function so as to work in dark places, but quality is not as good as day time.

Below are some pictures taken by GPS camera tracker UT04 from the server.

gps camera tracker 1

gps camera tracker

gps camera tracker

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