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GPS Public Utilities Tracking Device

UniGuard GPS tracking system helps public utilites tracking

GPS Public Utilities Tracking Device

By In Blog On May 16, 2014


Public Works & Utilities are an indispensable part of any community to supply water, energy and gas. Needless to say, there will never be a lack of demand for these services, both in the public and private sectors. How do you monitor all your assets which are sent on field? This is where GPS GPS publick utilities tracking device comes in. Optimize routes, improve operations, and improve safety with GPS trackers with their easy to use and intuitive technology.

1. Track vehicles and personnel in real time and receive continuous feed on exact location, remotely.

2.Improve disaster and storm response by tracking and managing responses from a single interface.

3.GPS tracking solutions offer detailed driving directions to all personnel which help in getting to the destination site quickly and easily.

4. Label stationary assets such as utility poles or operation stations, such that dispatchers can get a service vehicle out to these locations quickly and easily with help of GPS public utilities tracking device.

5.Maintain driver log times, restrict unauthorized use and designate optimized routes through historical data and log tracking. All information is stored on personal secure servers.

6.Prevent Theft and unauthorized usage of assets by setting up designated Geo-fences and speed thresholds. Receive alerts once a designated area is breach or a speed threshold is crossed.

7.Since there are chances of occupational hazards especially with gas and energy lines, All personnel can be attached with small, unobtrusive GPS tracking devices to know exactly where they on field, improving their safety and productivity. In case of an emergency, SOS buttons on these devices can bring in help swiftly and efficiently.

8.Monitor driver behavior through two way audios and also video feeds, to ensure that drivers and other personnel stay on track.

9.Travel/Stops reports act as a paperless timecard system.

10.Route replay tools give you an objective overview of technician activity helping you fine tune service quality.

11.Monitor a large number of assets with monitoring a large variety of sensors including PTO, boom usage contact magnet and even temperature sensors.

12.Reduce fuel costs and carbon footprints using smart fuel sensors.

GPS public utilities Tracking device is helpful and useful.

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