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GPS rental car tracking device

GPS rental car tracking device helps in rental car tracking business

GPS rental car tracking device

By In Blog On May 16, 2014


Car rental business is expanding everywhere due to huge demand, especially for short term rental in places around the airport, and railway stations. GPS rental car tracking device will help in improving service and keeping car safe. With GPS tracking devices, you can track, manage, monitor and setup customized alarms for your fleets. Here we suggest our model GPS tracker UT01. It is small, handy and easy to install and hide.

1.GPS rental car tracking device enables real time monitoring and tracking that helps in accessing vehicles’ location and condition as well.

2.GPS car tracking device delivers vehicles’ location to online tracking centre continuously via satellite or cellular network. Ensure a streamlined process of keeping up with demand by knowing exactly where your rental vehicle is at all times.

3.As you have vehicles location all the time, it shall offer chances to maintain logs, schedule pickups in case of delays, communicate with drivers and create a situational awareness that leads to better and safer driving experiences.

4.GPS tracking system helps in navigating through harsh environments and rugged terrains when visibility is poor.

5.GPS tracker helps monitor driving behavior by receiving updates on speed and engine conditions.

6.Prevent theft. A car rental company will always face the risk of theft, which is more worried in case of exotic cars, sports cars, and limousines. With GPS tracker and Vehicle Monitoring System, you are able to create customized alerts, setup geo-fencing, activate engine shut down, auto lock doors and lots more.

7.If a vehicle moves outside a designated geo-fencing area, you will immediately receive an alert telling you to prevent theft.

8.In case of vehicle breakdown, helping alerts will be sent out and it allows you prompt send a backup vehicle or repair wagon.

9.Extend the life of vehicles by scheduling tune ups and maintenance work through regular diagnostic reports

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